Give rein to Miami’s greatest perk — our seaside landscape — by incorporating it into luxury living

High-end homes on the water (literally) like the Luxuria design are one of the hottest trends in real estate in Miami.

One of Miami’s greatest perks is our seaside landscape. Give rein to our greatest resource by incorporating it into luxury living, Miami-style. Climate change and sea level rising are hot topics now, especially in our city’s vernacular. Combining that with less available land on the sand, these days it’s not easy to live near the surf anymore. But now, you can take that oceanfront lifestyle one step further and live on the water in the most lavish way possible — and with plenty of remarkable amenities and extravagant aquatic accessories.



A pioneer of luxury living vessels, Robert Rowe has been building floating homes for 15 years. But don’t call his creations houseboats, a name that has evoked an unfortunate connotation in the past. Instead, his vessels are state-of-the-art, beautiful contemporary homes, which just happen to float on water.

His most recent design, Luxuria, boasts 9-foot ceilings, floor-to-ceiling impact windows, a custom kitchen, freestanding soaking tub in the airy master bathroom, a two-story outdoor patio, LED fireplace, Bosch appliances and two Suzuki motors. The two-bedroom, two-bath home, which recently sold for more than $1 million, is spacious (2,200 square feet) while still offering that serene lifestyle on the water comparable to a yacht.

For marina docking ease, the vessel is 24 feet wide, similar to a catamaran. Rowe’s vessels have endless possibilities including a swanky second home, in-law quarters or a guesthouse docked behind a private residence. Rowe’s publicly traded company, Global Boatworks, designs and builds the floating homes in Fort Lauderdale. Each vessel is custom-made to the buyer’s exact expectations and can be delivered within nine months.


For those looking to fine-tune the off-the-grid lifestyle with a few finer perks need look no further than Arkup’s floating estate. The stunning contemporary interiors, designed by Artefacto, give the home an upscale seaside sanctuary feel. The Brazilian brand highlighted the relationship of the indoor and outdoor spaces with neutral colors, sleek organic furniture and posh accent pieces.

But creating a beautiful floating home wasn’t enough for the masterminds behind this palatial vessel. Childhood friends Nicolas Derouin and Arnaud Luguet designed Arkup to also be completely self-sufficient, sustainable and hurricane proof.

Powered and run by solar energy, the home also harvests and purifies rainwater. Its four 40-foot hydraulic legs raise the vessel completely out of the water to preclude any rocking motion (that could lead to sea sickness) and anchor it to the sea floor ready to withstand up to a category 4 hurricane.

As a way to adapt to sea level rising and effectively grow the city in a more resilient manner, Derouin sees his Miami-based company on the forefront of creating floating communities with the same core values of self-sustainability and eco-friendliness.



Now that you have your luxurious floating home, you need a way to jet to and from it. That’s where these blissful seaplanes come in handy. The company offers a concierge service that can design exclusive vacations or a simple pickup at your doorstep in its cushy planes.

Tropic Ocean Airways Seaplane on Tarmac 2.jpg
Be it Bimini or The Exumas, the turquoise waters of your favorite island getaway are just a short, ultra-comfortable ride away with Tropic Ocean Airways.

South Florida native and founder Rob Ceravolo combined his passion for the water and aviation when he joined the U.S. Navy. After actively serving for ten years, he sold all his possessions and created Tropic Ocean Airways in 2009 at the age of 34. Since then, he’s amassed the largest amphibious (ability to land on water and land) fleet in the world.

Flying to six countries and throughout the east coast, the seaplanes offer a nostalgic feel and rush of landing on the water, and the company is on track to reach 45,000 customers this year. Rates for the 8-passenger planes can range from $500 round trip to Bimini to $15,000 for a private charter direct to a yacht in The Exumas. The company prides itself on offering guests a seamless, stress-free service with no time wasted commuting through traffic to the airport and then waiting to board — you just hop onto the plane and go.


If boats are more of your speed, this Miami-based family business designs and builds luxury performance powerboats. Focusing on combining innovative designs, state-of-the-art tech and impeccable customer service, Midnight Express offers clients the opportunity to customize every inch of their vessel — from the leather stitching to the motors. Ranging from $350,000 to $3 million and up to 60 feet, Midnight Express boats can be designed, built and delivered to a client within 10 months.

Midnight Express_0122.jpg
With cutting-edge design and a price tag of up to $3 million, Midnight Express is reestablishing how we define luxury vessels.

Originally from Baltimore, brothers Harris and Eric Glaser grew up on the water. Upon moving to South Florida in search of warmer weather, the brothers and their father were presented with an opportunity to purchase Midnight Express, a boat manufacturer that had been around since the 1970s. After 13 years, they continue to be on the cutting edge of powerboat design, further cementing the company in the center console performance world.


Thanks to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulation changes, a new personal aircraft category called Light Sport Aircraft was created making flying more accessible to consumers.

ICON A5 Short Travel_01.jpg
Why travel by boat or car when you can make your arrival in your own personal aircraft like the ICON A5?

Enter the ICON A5, the perfect aerial accessory for aviation enthusiasts. This 2-seat amphibious plane combines sophisticated technology, unprecedented safety and a sleek design. Reaching speeds of 110 MPH, the spin-resistant plane runs on gasoline instead of jet fuel, has a 60-pound baggage capacity, and comes with a parachute system in case of an emergency. Plus, its folding wings allow it to be loaded onto a custom trailer and transported anywhere.

With a base price of $269,000, the wait time currently for an A5 is one year. However, local luxury dealership Prestige Imports penned a deal to exclusively carry the A5 on the east coast and has already delivered five planes since March. Owner Brett David, a longtime fan of the brand, wanted to provide this unique showpiece to his clients and has one in stock so that they can personally experience the thrill of the A5 during a demo flight. With the A5 at your floating home’s doorstep, it’s time to start thinking of where to fly to next.


With a mission to innovate landing solutions, this local company is revolutionizing the aviation, real estate, transportation and marine industries. ILandMiami designs, manufactures and sells versatile MUV™ (Marine Utility Vessels™) or floating landing sites.

Current partners include Tropic Ocean Airways and Arkup, where it’s designing a MUV™ that will seamlessly be stored inside the floating home when not in use, further enabling water-based living to actually be viable and practical. It has also partnered with Blue Tide Marine, a logistics firm created by former U.S. Navy SEALs to provide medical assistance, provisions delivery and emergency relief to those living on the water.

ILand LANDING SOLUTIONS DJI_0040ps copy.jpg

Imagine no longer sitting in traffic. As VTOLs (vertical take-off and landing aircrafts) become mainstream in the future, partly thanks to Uber’s push for urban aerial ridesharing, ILandMiami is ready to facilitate it. By offering the needed infrastructure with its portable MUV™, it’s providing a safe space for these aircrafts to land on the water, away from power lines, trees and buildings.

MUV™ models start from $250,000 up to $500,000 depending on the model and customizable features. This majority women-owned and run small business has a goal to continue to grow and facilitate the expansion of landing locations and solutions throughout Miami and other urban centers for the future.