Hungry? We got you. Here are 9 INDULGE-approved dishes to try this weekend in Miami

Ad Lib's mouth-watering burger is waiting for you and it's worth every bite.

We all know the restaurants, but what about the specific dishes that stand out in Miami’s most celebrated menus? A true mash of worldly gastro “influencers” with roots in France, Iran, Cuba, Argentina, Peru, Asia, Colombia, make the list of this month’s must-try “Made in Miami” bites.

Ad Lib Burger

Served at the elegant Ad Lib lounge, this yummy burger is packed in a house baked “Everything Bun” (a collaboration between chefs Hedy Goldsmith —who recently parted ways with the restaurant — and Joe Mizzoni), and is topped with melted pepper jack cheese, charred red onion, spicy pickles, and cream of black truffle. Accompanying this scrumptious burger is a pile of highly addictive thin crispy herbed potatoes.

Ad Lib, Coral Gables.

Arroz Imperial

Arroz Imperial by Alberto Cabreras The Local Cuban Credit Deepsleep Studio.jpg

This time-honored concoction usually made with shredded chicken, mayo, ham, gouda, and sofrito becomes the royalty of cuban rices at The Local Cuban at Time Out Market. Chef Alberto Cabrera gives the beloved dish a spin, making duck the king of its ingredients, and smoked gouda a very gooey queen.

The Local Cuban by Alberto Cabrera at Time Out Market Miami.

Pistachio Pastry


As vivid as the bright Sicilian sun, this pistachio mousse and pistachio dacquoise petit gateaux (filled with raspberry) demands to be admired. Though you may get caught up in this dessert’s beautiful aesthetics, please don’t forget to actually eat it or you will be missing out on a confection that transcends look and flavor, in the typical style of Antonio Bachour.

Bachour, Coral Gables.

1/2 Chicken Porteqal


This traditional Iranian recipe passed down through generations and usually enjoyed in the summer honors the way families around the world sit around a table to share their heritage. Perfectly pan roasted chicken is served with an aromatic stew made with carrots, almonds and oranges, over light Spanish-style couscous. The dish is preceded by tempting middle-eastern dips: Tahina Hummus, Ricotta Duqqa and homemade Iranian Bread (Barbari).

Fooq’s, Downtown Miami.

Pomme Soufflé

Papa_Souffle_PM Buenos Aires01.jpg

When guests see lattice potato baskets overflowing with crispy puffed potato pillows, they may suspect they are in for quite an experience. This must-have indulgence makes for a perfect appetizer, especially when its covered with tasty cream cheese sauce. We do recommend sticking to the plain option when dining on heavier meats or even cream-based seafood dishes.

PM Buenos Aires Fish & Steakhouse, Brickell.

Roasted Cornbread Custard

Roasted Cornbread Custard Ember.jpg

Brad Kilgore’s memorable pudding cake is elevated to extraordinary heights when smothered with the soft spread of champions: bone marrow butter. Yes, you read correctly. If that wasn’t enough, a short rib beef ragout is added, along with an herb salad, presumably to make you feel less guilty (good luck with that).

Ember, Miami Design District.

Snickerdoodle Cookies

Stubborn Seed_SNIKERDOODLES-1_photo credit Grove Bay Hospitality.jpg

If aliens appear on earth, they will only have to take a bite of these out-of-this-world cookies and the planet will surely be saved. Made with brown butter and cinnamon, dessert chef Dallas Wynne keeps the recipe in a safe place away from prying eyes, extraterrestrial or otherwise.

Stubborn Seed by Jeremy Ford, Miami Beach.

Pulpo Al Olivo Roll


This, one of the signature Nikkei rolls at ITAMAE, brings a wow factor to the table. A creamy “Botija” black olive creamy aioli covers each roll and carpaccio-thin slices of tender octopus are elegantly draped. Crunchy chopped red onion-based salsa criolla elevates the collection of flavors created by Valerie, Nando and Fernando Chang.

ITAMAE at St. Roch Market, Miami Design District.

The Strawberries Rosé


The 21 and older crowds can delight in Aubi & Ramsa’s very sophisticated twists on an old favorite: ice cream. Our favorite is made with Veuve Clicquot sorbet and St Germain Elderflower liqueur, and is one of more than two dozen crafted ice creams created with high-end wine & spirits.

Aubi & Ramsa, Avenura Mall and Miami Design District.