What? Emsculpt®, the first non-surgical toning treatment. Where? Careaga Plastic Surgery. Why? All the abs, no sweating required

Fitness frenzy

Trends. We create them, follow them and find new ways to keep them relevant. While overall health is something everyone should be on top of on a daily basis, the way we reach our desired physical look is constantly changing.

The latest craze in the market is Emsculpt, which promises toned abs and glutes without breaking a sweat.

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Emsculpt promises tighter and toned glutes in four 30-minute treatment sessions.

Hot doc

Dr. Daniel Careaga, an award-wining plastic surgeon whom specializes in a variety of aesthetic procedures such as tummy tuck, breast augmentation, body contouring, and non-surgical injectables, offers the non-surgical treatment at Careaga Plastic Surgery (CPS) in Miami.

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Results can be seen after 3-months with continued improvement over a 6-month time period.

“We always pride ourselves in offering our clients the most innovative and safe aesthetic treatments in the industry, so we are very happy to be offering EmSculpt to our patients, whom are pleased with their results,” said Dr. Careaga. “We are also seeing how it is a highly sought-after treatment by both men and women that are looking for more definition in the abdominal area and in their glutes.”

The Scoop

The first available treatment to address both muscle definition and fat reduction without surgically invasive procedures, Emsculpt® has revolutionized exercise zealots by achieving similar results through groundbreaking technology with minimal time and effort needed.

When an area is being treated by Emsculpt, high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy activates supra-maximal contractions in the muscles to burn fat and build muscle. Today, it is the only non-invasive treatment that tones and strengthens muscles at the same time.

Emsculpt treatments are intended to accompany an active, healthy lifestyle.

Cleared by the FDA, Emsculpt® is an effective treatment that is non-radiating, non-thermal, as well as non-ionizing, and requires zero downtime. Patients may feel soreness similar to that of a workout, but the benefits outweigh the small discomforts. Research shows that along with defined muscles and less body fat, the treatment can result in a stronger core area, improved posture, and diminished lower back pain: things that we can all agree are always in style.

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