Beauty #goals: Fascinating ingredients from across the globe to help get your glow on

After searching from city to city (not to mention with the help of some pretty knowledgable beauty experts), we found six unique products, each brimming with exotic ingredients found in a variety of locations across the globe. From hair products to serums for dry skin, any beauty hurdle you come across here at home or while on vacation will be, like old luggage, a thing of the past.


Beauty for Real Lip Revival

Made in the USA, this little tub of lip scrub made with orange spice transports you straight to the Middle East. Loaded with raw sugar and essential oils, lips will be perfectly conditioned and ready to be kissed while on any continent.



Truffle Therapy Face Toner Formulated with truffle, rose, rosemary and calendula, this refreshing toner is one of Oprah Winfrey’s favorite things. Splash a dab on a cotton swab and watch all of the oil and dirt disappear.

Philip B.jpg

Philip B

Russian Amber Shampoo Remove a dollop of this honey-textured color protective and restorative shampoo using two fingers and mix with a drop of water. Enjoy the fragrant-rich lather of this Russian-inspired product, which contains shea butter, chamomile and sage.

Trio - Travel - Cold - Pouch.png


Hot and Cold Season Oil & Serum The gurus at Tulura paired Polynesian Tamanu, often used to treat skin conditions, with Schisandra oil, a basic ingredient in Asian medicine, for an impactful effect. We recommend one set per season: hot for summer and cold for winter.



Dragon’s Blood Eye Gel This gel is loaded with Dragon’s Blood from the Croton Lechleri Tree, Arnica and Rose Water. One pump covers both of your eyelids and your under eye, reducing puffiness. Straight from the UK, this elixir is silky, smooth, and leaves no residue.

Snow Fox

Japanese Cherry Blossom & White Tea Smoothing Mask Infused with Cherry Blossom and White Tea, this mask is extremely reparative, enhancing the texture of your skin. Simply cut open, remove the mask from the bag and place over your entire face in the evening for just twenty minutes.