How Nathalie Cadet-James is web-olutionizing the modern dinner party with Luxe Fête Social

If you don’t know Nathalie Cadet-James, then the case can be made that perhaps you need to attend more dinner parties. “I think we can change the world, one dinner table at a time!,” says Cadet-James with a mix of lighthearted humor and earnestness.

And with good reason. The Canadian-born beauty with Haitian heritage has become Miami’s ultimate “queen of the vip list” as founder and president of Luxe Fête, an exclusive event-planning firm responsible for a list of highbrow happenings for clients ranging from luxury labels like Gucci, to NFL players and even U.S. presidents. Now, she wants to come into your home.


Before the party life found her, Cadet-James left a flourishing but unsatisfying law career. After starting Luxe Fête Event Planning and Design Studio on her own, she decided to venture into the world of art and philanthropy, running the Friends of the New World Symphony membership program, all while connecting the dots that helped her grow her luxury business.

“I practiced law for eight years, and while I was successful, I was not inspired,” she says, “I left my job and then came the recession. It was virtually impossible to solely focus on events, so I accepted a job with the New World Symphony. I was always engaged by and involved in the arts since I was young. So, it was a natural fit to want to work in that world. But no matter what I never left Luxe Fête behind.”


After a few booming years that found her leaving her plum position at NWS to manage her lucrative firm full-time and focus on being a wife and mom to two children, the international event planner to the rich and famous realized that there was no effortless solution to creating a dinner party at home for those who weren’t professionals.

Cadet-James knew she had something special and in 2018 she put her business savvy to good use, even winning over the judges of last year’s Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge’s Community Track contest with a passionate presentation of an expanded concept of her original idea, called Luxe Fête Social. It won her the coveted first place prize. “I am an entrepreneur at heart,” she muses, “I realized I can do what I do on a grand scale and bring it to your home. I dream big and this is simply a bigger extension of what I do.”


On the verge of national expansion, Luxe Fête Social ( offers turnkey dinner parties at home, with the click of a mouse. “This came about because I was inspired by my travels around the world; places like France, Italy and Rwanda, as well as details like tableware, fine porcelain and centerpieces my team and I used. The model is to go online. It takes three minutes.”

There are six themes to choose from, including a wine-pairing option. All one has to do is purchase their chosen package on the website 14 days in advance. With it, the dinner party arrives to your home. “People need to come back to the table and this is how you do it,” says Cadet-James. “You get the butler. You get the chef. Every detail from A-Z; for approximately US$200 per person, we have you covered.”