Car aficionados will soon have a cool (and very fancy) place to hang out

Miami has been synonymous with supercars at least since Sonny Crockett sped his Testarossa through the streets of South Beach.

And soon, owners of the world’s finest cars can gather at a $220 million clubhouse. Under construction at the Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport, The Concours Club is selling 40 founder memberships for $350,000, a one-time price that skips annual fees.


Miss the window for those 40 spots and you’ll need a founder to recommend you, followed by $125,000 up front and annual dues.

Membership includes to-and-from chauffeur service, an on-site spa, access to two miles of racetrack and the chance to hang with fellow supercar owners at a tricked-out clubhouse and paddock.

Sonny Crockett would so be there.