Reach a destination of relaxation during National Stress Awareness Month

April is National Stress Awareness Month and while stress is unavoidable for the vast majority of people, there are many ways to help prevent and manage it. For many who travel to escape the often-numbing effects of everyday routine and stress, exploring the diverse healing traditions across cultures is at the top of that list.

For this, it helps to seek the guidance of experts. Naya Traveler’s Wellness Wanders specialty trips are designed to detox, refuel and rejuvenate mind and body within a unique cultural context. These carefully crafted wellness-centric experiences are rooted in the ancient healing traditions of each of their destinations, highlighting the unique knowledge offered though experts and practitioners, as well as endemic ingredients and remedies often not found outside their country of origin. Here are a few experiences from travel outfitters and hotels around the world that focus on wellness and well-being, pairing the transformative power of travel with the benefits of native practices.


Morocco (Year-round)

Explore Morocco through some of the most ancient forms of wellbeing and healing known to the region, which traces its roots back to centuries of Moorish culture and African influences. Discover the secrets of Prophetic Medicine, an old form of homeopathy inspired by spiritual and natural resources of the Arabian Peninsula. Recharge your vitals through water, where in Morocco it is believed to cure illnesses through thalassotherapy, balneotherapy and hydrotherapy. Visit Moulay Yacoub, famous for its natural hot springs, whose sulfur-rich water is full of therapeutic properties. End your Wellness Wanders journey with a day of silence at a stunning private country house on the outskirts of the High Atlas Mountains.


South India (November - May)

Unlock the healing power of traditional Ayurvedic medicine and ancient wellness disciplines in South India. Realign and purify your body through a carefully crafted plan by expert practitioners and step into the massive world of Hindu-inspired Ayurveda healing. Meet with one of the most famous Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Isaac Mathai who has treated royalty, to learn about your mind and body’s needs. Open up your third eye through the restorative Shirodhara therapy with rejuvenating liquids and traditional oils. Rid yourself of small pains with Ksheera Dhara, a special therapy for headaches, insomnia and mental tensions. End your journey on a secluded beach to process your in-depth experience and relax by the water.

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Peru (Year-round)

Retreat to the lesser-known corners of Peru to reconnect with the Pachamama (mother nature) and the mystic Andean spirit. In the northern Pacific shores of Mancora, enjoy surf sessions, detox meal-plans, and meditation practice along the coast. Head over to the Sacred Valley to delve into the ancient Inca rituals of healing through the native coca leaf and high altitude breathing techniques. Special Shaman purification ceremonies will be prepared along the sacred Inca trail, leading to the impactful Machu Picchu ruins. Finish your journey of holistic replenishing in the thermal baths of the Colca Canyon.

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Cambodia (November - May)

Partake in nourishing natural treatments stemming from traditional Chinese medicine, mindful physical activities and spirit-awakening sessions with Buddhist monks. Khmer therapists will take you on a healing journey with a variety of meals and therapeutic sessions that suits your needs. Learn how to cultivate the Buddhist virtue of metta bhavana (loving-kindness) through spiritual rites and discover the restorative beauty of stillness every morning at sunrise.