The pastry chefs of dbakers Sweet Studio are the whizzes behind beautiful and creative confections

Twin brothers Giancarlo and Christian Guevara and their cousin Katherine Van Der Biest started dbakers Sweet Studio after careers in engineering.

The first day that twin brothers Christian and Giancarlo Guevara sold their desserts at the Yellow Green Farmers Market, they hoped to make $350 — enough cash to cover their rented space. To their surprise, their cream puffs, ethereal meringue kisses and mini-cupcakes were an instant sensation.

We made more than $2,000 dollars, and we sold out,” Christian said of that day in 2015. “We had to work until 6 a.m. to prepare for the second day, when we sold out again. We never expected for people to like our desserts that much.”

Things became even crazier when the bakers posted a video of their unicorn rainbow cake on Instagram. “We gained 12,500 followers in one day,” Christian said.

Initially a side hustle for the brothers, they realized they had something special with their confections, so they quit their day jobs and asked their cousin, Katherine, to join them in Miami from their home country of Venezuela. Last June, the trio opened their first brick and mortar, dbakers Sweet Studio in Midtown Miami.

Sweets lovers now drive from all over for jumbo cream puffs bursting with Nutella, a macaron bar where you can build your own macaron sandwich stuffed with six different creams and indulgent toppings like Ferrero Rocher bites, and whimsical custom-made cakes.

We have a very unique style,” Giancarlo said. “Macarons on almost every cake, gold foil or a chocolate crown. There’s no one like us.”


The trio, who were originally engineers, are mostly self-taught pastry chefs (Giancarlo attended Le Cordon Bleu for international cuisine, and the brothers worked at a French bakery for a year). Their passion and creativity push them to work 14- to 16-hour days. And while the twin brothers look alike, they have very different baking styles.


“Just like d and b, in dbakers, are the same letters but backward, we’re the same, but we’re definitely not the same person,” said Giancarlo, who loves the art of macarons and describes his style as conservative. Christian hates making macarons and instead focuses on over-the-top creations. Katherine is the queen of decorating cakes, and gravitates toward sweet-savory combos like fig and goat cheese.

What they all have in common: perfectionism.

“It’s sometimes a problem,” said Christian. “Imagine, we have 70 cake orders a weekend, and we do the batter five times, or the buttercream 20 times. If something doesn’t look or taste right, we do it all again.”


While dbakers’ $9.50 mini-unicorn cake is still a best-seller, the team said it hopes that 2019 will bring more orders for wedding cakes, desserts for parties and — and less ’gram-worthy gimmicks. “I hope people are more focused on flavors than unicorns,” Christian said. “I want people to be adventurous, like trying our green apple and bleu cheese macaron.”


However, don’t be surprised if the brothers pull this fast one on you: They sometimes use their twin similarities to pretend to be the other. “We use it a lot to trick people when they come into the store or on the phone,” Giancarlo said. “It’s more about saving time than anything else.”