Where did Channel 7 go? On DirecTV, it’s dead air

A dispute has taken Channel 7 off of DirecTV.
A dispute has taken Channel 7 off of DirecTV. Miami Herald File

Channel 7 has gone dark on DirecTV.

On Monday, WSVN remained among the few channels unavailable on the dish-based service. The reason? A disagreement over how much DirecTV would pay WSVN to allow customers to watch Channel 7 programming, including Fox’s “The Simpsons” and local personality Belkys Nerey.

“Sunbeam Television Corporation, the parent company of WSVN-TV Channel 7 was negotiating renewal of its carriage agreement with DirectTV. Unfortunately, negotiations were not successful and viewers stopped receiving Channel 7 at midnight, July 15,” Sunbeam executive vice president and general manager Chris Wayland said in a statement. “While we continue negotiating with DirecTV, viewers are able to watch the station free, over the air, on Channel 7.1 and on other cable and video providers.”

This kind of dispute has happened before. In January, Sunbeam got in a similar disagreement with AT&T Uverse. The station went dark on DirecTV for 13 days in 2012 over the same issue. AT&T now owns DirecTV.

“We want to get WSVN back into our Miami customers’ line-ups and share their frustration,” AT&T spokesperson Kelly Layne Starling said in an e-mailed statement. “The station’s owner, Sunbeam Television, is prohibiting WSVN’s signal from reaching their homes unless they receive a significant increase in their current fees just to let the same families keep watching shows that remain available for free over-the-air on channel 7 and often online at”

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