Titans clash: O'Reilly vs. Jon Stewart

Bill O'Reilly invited Jon Stewart for a discussion Wednesday about the rapper Common's recent visit to the White House for a poetry event.


O'REILLY: All right, Stewart, I'm shocked. I am shocked that you don't understand why people like me and millions of other Americans are upset, annoyed and looking for answers that a guy like Common would be entertained at the White House. Common traveled to Cuba to meet with Joanne Chesimard, who was convicted of killing a New Jersey state trooper. Common said, "Damn. This was somebody who fought for my freedom." This is a cop killer. This is a woman who gunned down, along with two other accomplices, a woman who is a member of the Black Liberation Army


O'REILLY: who they found 16 live rounds in her purse, and this guy thinks she is great.

STEWART: Thinks she is innocent.

O'REILLY: No. She is great.

STEWART: Well, but, also

O'REILLY: This was somebody who fought for my freedom. It made me want to do better in life. Come on.

STEWART: I can't speak for him because I'm not him, I don't think.

O'REILLY: Not yet.

STEWART: I can rap. I rapped on the show. I think it was pretty impressive.

STEWART: O'Reilly, oh really. I know that you feel me. I joke to the folks while you choke on that smoke.

STEWART: You are saying that he is celebrating a cop killer or promoting cop killing.

O'REILLY: No, I didn't say he's promoting cop killing.

STEWART: Well, people on your network are.

O'REILLY: Let's just speak to me.

STEWART: All right. I'm talking to you.

O'REILLY: Celebrating, celebrating a cop killer, yes.

STEWART: Here is the only distinction I would make there and I can't speak for him. What I think he is doing is not celebrating but honoring someone he thinks was wrongly convicted of cop killing. I think he believes she was convicted unjustly.

O'REILLY: OK. That's fine and Common wasn't even born when this crime took place, thinks that based on nothing because the evidence is overwhelming.

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