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Double-fried chicken and sausage in sushi? It’s happening at this Little Haiti restaurant

The Polish Cuban with rice and black beans, kielbasa sausage, sweet plantain and avocado with spicy mayo.
The Polish Cuban with rice and black beans, kielbasa sausage, sweet plantain and avocado with spicy mayo.

Sushi with sausage or double-fried chicken? You’ll find these and more at House of Food Porn, where the sushi is made with cooked fillings served on wood boards. The space is raw industrial in Little Haiti with black walls and a counter where you sit facing the open kitchen. You can also have the food catered at your house or other venue. Here, sushi is called shushi just to be different. There’s also a little ventanita takeout window to order juices from the sidewalk.

Start with these dishes

The American roll with rice and black beans, flaked meatloaf, cream cheese and avocado, rolled in sesame seed soy paper and topped with ketchup and BBQ sauce. Linda Bladholm

Breakfast is served all day, so try the Wake & Bake, a baked avocado with bacon, egg and cheese or the Big Tater Rise with eggs and bacon in a baked potato bowl. It’s tasty with a latte or coconut coffee. Or start with the energizer juice made with carrots, spinach, orange and lemon or a green smoothie sweetened with maple syrup. Brown Bag Chicken can be ordered by the part or a combo of thighs, wings and drumsticks, breaded or naked. There’s also a roasted beet salad with caramelized onions and cinnamon carrots, truffle fries, and broccoli-cauliflower nuggets.

Share these dishes

The Caribbean roll with rice and black beans, small corn tamale, bell pepper and avocado with sweet and spicy sauce. Linda Bladholm

Burritos, stuffed with sushi rice and rolled in soy paper wrappers, are cut in half for sharing. They range from one with crumbled veggie burger and brown rice and beans to the American with meatloaf and cream cheese, topped with ketchup and barbecue sauce. The vegan burrito has crispy baked tofu, spinach, sprouts and baked beets, an earthy delight. The Island Chick has boneless jerk chicken, sweet plantains, avocado and rice and beans. El Gringo features barbecued pulled pork with sweet potato. The Double FF has twice-fried breaded chicken with cheese, sweet plantains and fiery pikliz relish. Silence of the Lamb is made with grilled lamb and goat cheese, rice and caramelized onions.

The Polish Cuban with rice and black beans, kielbasa sausage, sweet plantain and avocado with spicy mayo. Linda Bladholm

World Sushi Rolls are all made with traditional sushi rice, rolled in soy paper and include the same fillings as the burritos. The Caribbean roll features black beans, avocado, a small corn tamale and green bell pepper served with sweet and sour sauce. The Polish Cuban has kielbasa sausage, black beans, a ham croqueta and sweet plantain with spicy mayo. The vegetable is substantial, with sauteed red onions and Portobello mushroom.

Save room for dessert

Try the guava sushi roll with coconut rice and cream cheese or vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and Belgian chocolate bits.

What makes it special

This place is your passport to travel the world in sushi rolls and burritos, where the food is “so good it’s naughty,” thus the name. Chef/owner Frank Antonio Blanco, a Cuban American, was introduced to sushi as a teen when he sat at the bar of a Japanese restaurant and taught himself to make sushi at home after watching the chefs. He got the idea for cooked sushi fillings because his mom didn’t like raw fish, so he put her roasted pork and plantains into a sushi roll. Today, he riffs on rolls, depending on his mood or what fresh ingredients he has on hand. Couples can have a romantic private dinner after hours at the chef’s table in the kitchen.

If you go

Place: House of Food Porn

Address: 197 NW 62nd Street (Martin Luther King Blvd.)

Contact: 305-788-0137,

Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-6 p.m.

Prices: Breakfast $2-$6, juices and smoothies $5-$7, chicken in a bag $5-$10, rolls $8-$14, sushi burritos $7-$14, desserts $2-$6, sushi tastings by appointment $30-$50 and up

F.Y.I. Catering available (to order call 786-464-9240)