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Roaches get eight restaurants cited, three of them shut down for the day

Roaches played a part in three Miami-Dade restaurants getting closed for the day last week by state inspectors.

▪ Gayou’s Restaurant, 5734 NW Second Ave., Miami: The inspector spotted two live roaches scurrying in the kitchen on Oct. 17. That had less to do with Gayou’s getting dropped for the day than the 82 rodent droppings — 50 of them fresh — the inspector spotted.

An employee was seen handling dishes and utensils customers had used, then handling clean dishes and utensils without doing any hand-washing. Plus, there was no soap or hot water at the hand-wash sink.

Gayou was down for the day, back the next day.

▪ Jin Jin Food Corporation, 7900 NW 27th Ave., Miami: What the inspector saw behind the scenes on the ground Thursday: “approximately 10 roaches in dish-wash area and under table where the meat grinder is located, under hand sink and under dish machine” and over 10 dead roaches all around kitchen.”

What the inspector saw in the air: “Pesticide-emitting strip present in food prep area. Observed pesticide strip hanging from ceiling tiles all around kitchen above food preparation area.”

Also, the food on the cold buffet, including the squid salad, sushi roll with raw salmon and cut melon, and the crayfish from the previous day was kept too warm, while hot food such as soup and cooked fish was kept too cold. In addition, the inspector found they were faking on the crab, using imitation crab, but putting crab on the menu.

They got enough corrected to reopen Friday.

▪ Las Reinas Del Cafe Corp, 12 NE First St., Miami: The inspector found “approximately 10-plus live roaches crawling around the water heater, at the top of the three-compartment sink, and at the wall on top of the food preparation table.” He also reported “approximately 20-plus dead roaches at the kitchen floor area, front dining area, front counter area and back dry storage area.”

Five other restaurants had at least one dead roach:

▪ Aoki Teppanyaki and Izakaya, 7535 N. Kendall Drive, Miami: one dead roach inside an oven that isn’t working.

▪ Balans, 7535 N. Kendall Dr., Miami: 18 bug bodies around the dishwasher area.

▪ Beyond by Shemtov’s, 514 41st St., Miami Beach: about 10 dead roaches by a broken reach-in cooler.

▪ House of Chang, 1913 NE 168th St., North Miami Beach: one dead roach in the bottom of an unused oven.

▪ Toy Shan Chinese Restaurant, 18514 NW 67th Ave., Miami: “approximately 15 dead roaches by dishwasher machine floor.”

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