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These fresh tacos and salads bring a taste of the west coast

Chipotle orange salad with mandarin orange
Chipotle orange salad with mandarin orange

Rubio’s Coastal Grill is fast-casual where you place an order at the counter and it is delivered to your indoor or outdoor table by a cheerful crew. Help yourself to salsas and hot sauce from the salsa bar to one side of the front counter. The space is bright with a California feel and patio tables are shaded by large green umbrellas. Rubio’s is a small chain and Midtown is its second in Miami (there’s another in North Miami Beach).

Start with These Dishes

Loaded nachos with cheese, guacamole, “no-fried” pinto beans, sour cream and salsa fresca

Loaded nachos with cheese, guacamole, “no-fried” pinto beans, sour cream and salsa fresca or a quesadilla with cheese, chicken or shrimp. There’s also the chipotle orange salad with mandarin orange segments, avocado, fire-roasted corn, black beans, tortilla strips and chipotle orange vinaigrette. Or get the gourmet shrimp taco with cheese, bacon and avocado or seafood burrito with a choice of wild mahi, Alaska Coho salmon or grilled shrimp and bacon.

Share These Dishes

The best seller is the original fish taco on stone-ground corn tortillas.

The best seller is the original fish taco on stone-ground corn tortillas with nuggets of beer battered wild-caught Alaska Pollack (mild flaky white fish in the cod family) with mayo sauce and shredded cabbage. The especial adds cheese, guacamole and chopped onion with cilantro. Both are sold two to a plate or share the coastal trio with a fish taco, shrimp taco with salsa verde and mahi mahi taco. Salsas include mild tomato with cilantro and chiles, tomatillo with cilantro and garlic or chipotle with roasted tomatoes and smoky chipotle chiles or go with spicy picante sauce. All seafood is responsibly sourced and the chicken is raised without antibiotics. Recent specials now on the menu are grouper tacos with mango salsa and panko-crusted crispy shrimp tacos. There’s also enchiladas (try shrimp or veggies in salsa verde) and the California bowl with citrus rice, black beans, lettuce and a choice of protein with salsa.

Chipotle orange salad with mandarin orange

Save Room for Dessert

Choose between sugary churros, lemon coconut bars and brownies.

What Makes It Special

Founder Ralph Rubio is Mexican-American from Patterson New Jersey but grew up in Los Angeles. On spring breaks he and his buddies headed to San Felipe in Baja, on the Sea of Cortez side. He got the idea to open a joint selling fish tacos and beer to college students back home. One can order a taco plate with an Orange Blossom IPA brewed in Orlando and be out in 20 minutes. You’ll be having a Pacific Coast moment with a Baja fish taco paired with a local brew.

If you go

The Place: Rubio’s Coastal Grill

Address: 3201 N. Miami Ave., Shops at Midtown

Contact: 786-655-8261,

Hours: 10:30 a.m.-10 p.m. Sunday-Thursday, 10:30 a.m.-11 p.m. Friday and Saturday

Prices: Tacos (two) $7.49-$8.99, burritos $4.99-$8.99, enchiladas $7.49-$8.99