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These Miami-area restaurants were flagged for roaches — and paid the price

Nine restaurants in Miami-Dade County were recently cited for having roaches, with seven of them temporarily shut down.
Nine restaurants in Miami-Dade County were recently cited for having roaches, with seven of them temporarily shut down. Miami Herald File

Nine restaurants in Miami-Dade County were recently cited for having roaches, with seven of them temporarily shut down.

The shuttered restaurants that got red flagged, in alphabetical order:

▪ Adolphe Take Out Restaurant, 215 NE 82nd St., Miami — This business was shut down with only one High Priority violation, with the inspector observing “approximately 10 live roaches crawling along walls in kitchen area near hand washing sink and food storage/prep tables.” The inspector on July 26 cited the restaurant for 12 other shortcomings, including “interior of reach-in cooler soiled with accumulation of food residue;” “covered waste receptacle not provided in women's bathroom;” and “hot water not provided/shut off at employee handwash sink. Restroom no hot water connection.”

▪ Chez Le Bebe, 114 NE 54th St., Miami —The July 31 inspection “observed approximately 10 live roaches under three-compartment sink inside the kitchen, one roach on prep table next to grinder.” Also, the inspector “observed approximately 40+ dry droppings on dry storage shelf. Aproximately 10 on another shelf. Observed two moist droppings on same shelf in dry storage shelf in storage area. Approximately 50+ dropping by storage room, under mop sink and shelves.”

▪ CJ’s Crab Shack, 600 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach — The shack was hit with five High Priority violations among 25 total violations, one of which was over 10 live roaches found “at kitchen, corners and behind equipment. Pest control came last night, invoice provided.” Another High Priority violation: “Operator unable to provide documentation for source of fish. Grouper on menu, no proof of purchase provided.”

▪ El Pub, 1548 SW Eighth St., Miami — The restaurant, also mentioned in last week's Rodent Report, racked up 76 total violations when the inspector closed it on July 26. “Observed 3 live roaches crawling on wall underneath two-compartment sink in main kitchen area; observed one live roach in wall gap behind prep table in kitchen area; observed three live roaches crawling on bottom shelf of prep table holding slicer in kitchen area; observed one live roach crawling on hallway heading to storage area.”

▪ El Sol Cafe Corporation, 8901 SW 157th Ave., Kendall — Citation involved volume and location of roaches: “Three live roaches found inside can opener located in cookline area; approximately 20 plus live roaches found on prep table located in cookline area next to ovens, and 15 plus live roaches found in shelving located in dry storage used to store canned products and clean cooking equipment.” Also, walk-in cooler and reach-in cooler problems caused Stop Sale orders on food: cooked pork; ham; cheese; cooked ground beef; tamales; raw beef; raw chicken; cooked chicken; raw fish; raw pork; and eggs.

▪ Ruby Tuesday, 12075 SW 152nd St., Kendall. Ruby Tuesday’s violations included “approximately 13 live roaches on the wall and floor behind a stand-up convection oven. Also, observed two live roaches on the floor behind a reach-in cooler in the server drink area, just outside the kitchen separated by a door;” and “approximately five dead roaches located inside the doors underneath the self serve salad bar located in the dining room.”

▪ Tamura Japanese Seafood Buffet, 6728 Main St., Miami Lakes —On July 26, there were live roaches: “Observed approximately 30 plus by the dishwasher area; approximately seven plus in wall shelves underneath dishwasher area; approximately five plus in ceiling dishwasher area; approximately seven in kitchen prep table by the ice machine; one inside of can opener base; approximately five in kitchen prep table by the main prep line; approximately three in kitchen prep table close to the three-compartment sink; approximately three by the ice machine behind the wall; approximately five in dry storage shelves in between wall and soda boxes.” There were dead roaches: “one inside in kitchen reach-in cooler in disrepair; three under dishwasher machine; four in dry storage floor; one under prep table.” There was roach droppings: “Roach excrement and/or droppings present. Approximately 100 plus (on the) ware washing area ceiling.” On July 28, the inspection found July 28 re-inspection: “approximately 100 plus dead roaches on premises” and “observed live roaches -- approximately nine in dry storage area; approximately five by the soda boxes, dry storage floor; approximately two in kitchen reach-in cooler...observed one live roach on dinner area floor.” The restaurant passed the July 29 inspection.

▪ Esther’s Catering, 4546 NW Seventh Ave., Miami — “Five dead roaches under shelf in backside area where the ice machine is located. According to the operator the establishment was under extermination.”

▪ Pollo Tropical, 16201 SW 88th St, Kendall — One dead roach by the back door.