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Rodent poop breaks up Taco Tuesday; 4 restaurants shut down

There’s consistency in this month’s Rodent Report.

Inspectors found evidence of rodent residents in 14 establishments, only one fewer than last month. There’s one encore appearance from last month. And, for the second consecutive month, a restaurant named “Junie’s” made the list.

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We’ll start off with those restaurants for which rodent life played a major role in inspectors shutting them down for the day.

▪ Alegria Taco, 3801 N. Andrews Ave., Oakland Park — The May 23 Taco Tuesday was aborted after the inspector found 11 fresh rodent droppings under the handwash sink in the dishware washing area; two fresh droppings behind the preparation table under the rice cooker; two more fresh droppings next to the flip top cooler on the cookline; and about 30 dried rodent droppings on the window sill of the front counter display cooler. A few other problems: “Employee failed to wash hands before changing gloves and/or putting on gloves to work with food.” And, “observed cook touch raw chicken with gloves on, change gloves and then handle clean to-go box and tortilla without washing hands in between.”

▪ Heron Bay Golf Club, 11801 Heron Bay Blvd., Coral Springs — Looks like the mice or rats skedaddled Wednesday just before the inspector arrived: “observed one fresh rodent dropping along wall on the floor at end if the cookline; one fresh rodent dropping on shelf in dish washing area above clean utensils; two fresh droppings under dish machine; one fresh dropping on top of shelf near rinsing faucet and cleaning chemicals in dish machine area; one fresh dropping on top of dish machine; 1 dried rodent dropping on floor in dishwashing area.” Also, ready-to-eat food was made then kept for more than a day without being the date being marked to assure it’s not kept too long. While your Uncle Gus might work the grill open air, it’s a no-no for a restaurant: “Observed employee cooking hot dogs and hamburgers on outside open top grill and serving it to customers in dining room.”

▪ Muncy’s Pizza & Wings, 1608 NE Miami Gardens Dr., Northeast Miami-Dade — Muncy’s was shut down on May 9 with one High Priority violation, described as “approximately 75 dry/ hard rodent droppings by three-compartment sink; approximately 25 dry/hard rodent droppings by ice machine; approximately 25 dry/hard rodent droppings under the preparation table; approximately 40 hard/dry droppings under the front counter; approximately six moist/shiny rodent droppings on counter under soda machine... They probably got in through the door that had “a gap at the threshold that opens to the outside.” Apparently, the rodents weren’t as bothered as the inspector was by the “accumulation of black/green mold-like substance in the interior of the ice machine,” the “encrusted material on can opener blade” or that the “interior of oven has a heavy accumulation of black substance/grease/food debris.”

▪ Silver Palace Chinese Restaurant, 5771 SW 137th Ave., Kendall —On May 22, the inspector found “three fresh-looking rodent droppings on top of the dish machine and two fresh-looking droppings on the shelf at the dry food storage room; 10-plus fresh-looking droppings inside the oven on the cook-line area; and over 20 old dried looking droppings inside the same oven.” Also, “single-use gloves not changed as needed after changing tasks or when damaged or soiled” or after using the phone. Nor is “encrusted material on can opener blade,” “accumulation of black/green mold-like substance in the interior of the ice machine,” or “clean utensils stored between equipment and wall.”

Then, there are those restaurants that got “Administrative Complaint Recommended,” which means the high priority violations require administrative action to ensure compliance.

▪ Bamboche Tropical, Inc., 6320 Miramar Pkwy., Miramar — Last Wednesday, the inspector found “five dry droppings under the prep table in kitchen, three dry droppings under the middle prep table, six dry droppings under the steam table area and 15 dry (droppings) in the restroom.”

▪ The Restaurant at Hollybrook, 900 S. Hollybrook Dr., Pembroke Pines — The furry and the flying got this place in trouble on May 15. In addition to the three dry rodent droppings found in dry storage room and approximately 15 fresh ones found in dishwashing area, the inspector noted “live, small flying insects in kitchen, food preparation area, or food storage area.” When the inspector returned May 17, the flying insect circus remained along with “approximately 30 fresh droppings found in dishwashing area.” Things got officially cleaned up May 18.

Now to the restaurants that had roadents, but got just a warning after their inspections.

▪ Chez Guyto Take Out Restaurant, 6520 Pembroke Rd., Miramar — The rear dry storage area also stored four dry hard droppings.

▪ Cypress East Concessions Stand, 1300 Coral Springs Drive, Coral Springs — On Thursday, the inpsector saw two fresh droppings and nine dried droppings on a counter top, nine dried rodent droppings on counter top and nine dried poop pieces in the cabinets.

▪ El Oso Blanco Cafeteria, 3301 NW 28th St., Miami — Three dried/hard droppings were found on kitchen shelves on May 3.

▪ Junie’s Restaurant, 13995 NW Seventh Ave., Miami — Not to be confused with “The Original Junie’s” in Miami Gardens that made last month’s Rodent Report. Thursday, there were 10 to 12 dry/ hard poop pieces next to the reach-in freezer in the dry storage room.

▪ Mowry Street Restaurant, 328 W. Mowry St., Homestead — Mowry’s 39 violations on May 15, including six high priority violations, added up to a warning. One of the six High Priority violations was 10 to 15 dried droppings in the dry storage area next to the reach-in freezer

▪ Naz Roti Palace, 6329 Miramar Pkwy, Miramar — Inspectors saw five dry poop pieces behind prep table next to the three-compartment sink and 40 dry pieces in the dry storage area.

▪ Wings & More, 4611 NW 31st Ave., Tamarac — Regular Rodent Report readers might recognize this restaurant’s reappearance from last month, when they got a shut down order. This time, fewer rodent territory markings — one dry dropping next to the walk in cooler and two dry droppings in the kitchen next to the hot water heater — meant only a warning.

▪ Yosis Restaurant, 3397 NW 151st Ter., North Miami-Dade — Among the unofficial dry storage room inventory was 15 to 20 dry rodent droppings.

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