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Crawling roaches in the kitchen shut down 3 Miami-Dade restaurants

This biweekly Roach Report from state inspections includes only nine Miami-Dade restaurants, the lightest Roach Report yet. Maybe it’s spring break for roaches, too.

First, the places adjudged too buggy to be in business for a day.

▪ The Caribbean Cafe, 1442 NE 163rd St. in North Miami Beach, got red-flagged on March 29 with only one High Priority violation and five overall violations. That one HP violation, according to the inspection report: “Approximately 12 live roaches inside reach in cooler gasket that is not in use on Northeast side of the kitchen.”

All problems were rectified the next day.

▪ Opa-locka’s Crabman 305, 2006 Opa-locka Blvd., failed on several fronts during its April 6 inspection.

The inspector saw “approximately 35 live roaches found in the kitchen inside the corner of a reach in cooler door (make table unit), underneath the corners of the main food prep table, behind a reach-in freezer on the floor, crawling on walls underneath a pass thru window from the kitchen to the front counter.”

Now, the closing doesn’t all lay on the roaches. Six other High Priority violations made the report, including, “Rodent activity present as evidenced by approximately 50 moist rodent droppings found inside a reach in cooler motor area, this is a maintenance entry area for the cooler.”

When an inspector returned the next day, two live roaches were under the handwash sink.

▪ Also on April 6, North Dade’s Sushi Cafe, 7917 NW Second St., didn’t get closed down just for three live roaches inside a reach-in cooler that wasn’t being used.

Three of the four other High Priority violations involved food stored at improper temperatures, including a Stop Sale order on cooked brown rice for “temperature abuse.” It had been left in rice cooker from the day before at 100 degrees, 35 degrees below the state threshold.

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Then, we have the places where live roach sightings weren’t enough to kill business for the day.

▪ Balans, 6789 Biscayne Blvd. in Miami, had two live roaches scurrying about the kitchen on April 3.

▪ Garcia’s Paella, 2589 W 76th St. in Hialeah, had one live roach crawling on reach-in cooler on March 29.

▪ The iconic Shuckers, 1819 79th Street Causeway, got rung up with four High Priority violations on April 7, including “three live roaches on the wall by the dish washing area in the kitchen.”

And, in this Roach Report’s Dead Roaches Society:

▪ Laguna Restaurant, 2800 NW Seventh Ave. in Miami,. had four dead roaches under the shelf with the coffee machine during a March 27 inspection.

▪ The next day, Paraiso Cafe, 2156 NW Seventh Ave. in Miami, also had four dead roaches, but under the front counter.

▪ Thunderbird Cafe, 18401 Collins Avenue in Sunny Isles Beach, got cited on April 4 for a pair of dead roaches in a stove not in use on the cookline.

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