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Mignonette or Flanigan’s? Vote in the Munch Madness Final today!

Voting is now closed. Check at 9 a.m. Tuesday when we’ll announce the winner!

We couldn’t have hoped for anything more from our first Munch Madness.

Our NCAA tournament-style challenge pitted 64 of Miami-Dade’s favorite restaurants against one another with you, the diners, choosing your favorite. And today, you vote on the first champion: Will it be indie restaurant Mignonette or South Florida’s ubiquitous locally founded chain restaurant, Flanigan’s Seafood Bar & Grill?

We will crown the winner tomorrow, April 4, on Facebook Live on our food and dining page, The winner will earn the honor of retiring as an undefeated champion, making way for a new king of the Miami dining scene next year.

Download the Munch Madness bracket to see how the restaurants got here


Mignonette is still wearing its glass slippers. The No. 16 seed proved it has become a beloved Miami seafood restaurant and raw bar by upsetting No. 1 seed Alter, Francis Mallmann's mortgage-buster Los Fuegos, upscale Peruvian La Mar in the Mandarin Oriental, and the Miami-born burger and kabob spot, Pincho Factory, in the Final Four.

Flanigan’s has been, simply, a voting juggernaut. They drew the most votes on any day they competed, thanks in no small part to their 23 locations up the east coast of Florida, with legions clicking to get them past Andiamo Pizza, Captain’s Tavern, Shorty’s Bar-B-Q, Garcia’s Seafood, and, finally, South Beach Thai spot NaiYaRa.

Vote for one of them today and follow Miami Herald Food on Facebook to watch the trophy presentation Tuesday on Facebook Live.

On to the voting!

(16) Mignonette vs. (10) Flanigan’s Seafood Bar & Grill

Mignonette’s Danny Serfer, when he isn’t creating comfort food at his nearby Blue Collar, has created the go-to spot (that has sparked a second location) for a raw bar and flavorful seafood, including oysters flown in fresh from all over the country. Who doesn’t have one of those green Flanigan’s cups in their cupboard? No one, that’s who, because Flanigan’s has been the South Florida-based sports bar with cold beer and hot wings (though others prefer the baby back ribs) that has been a natural for Dolphins watch parties.