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Miami restaurants offer special promotions after Fidel Castro’s death

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A Cuban funeral means cafecitos, and Sergio’s restaurants are obliging.

The Miami-based restaurant chain is offering free Cuban coffee at all of its locations Saturday when dining in on the heels of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. The restaurants are also offering free rum and Coke — traditionally known as a Cuba Libre (literally meaning a “free Cuba”) — to adults dining at the Sergio’s in Pembroke Pines and Doral.

“Many Americans whose families came to America looking for freedom from Cuba’s dictatorship awoke today with the hope for the future,” Sergio’s CEO Carlos Gazitua said. “There are certainly tense times ahead for our families and friends in Cuba, but we want to invite all our customers to celebrate their hopes and dreams for Cuba....”

Castro’s brother, Raul, announced his older brother’s death on Cuban state media late Friday night.

Other South Florida restaurants marked the occasion with special promotions:

  • Azucar Ice Cream is offering a new flavor, “Burn in hell, Fidel!,” which is chocolate ice cream with cayenne and chili pepper.
  • Pincho Factory has happy hour all day if you say the “password” Cuba.

Citizens of Miami-Dade poured out into the streets following the announcement of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro's death on Saturday, Nov. 26, 2016. Crowds gather outside La Carreta Cuban restaurant at Southwest 87th Avenue and Bird Road.

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