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For Uber users, UberEATS is a smooth transition

The Miami Herald reviewed seven of the most popular restaurant delivery services in Miami-Dade county.


Using the app

I’m already an Uber user so my address and other preferences were already built in and it showed me nearby restaurants that delivered.

Restaurant options

Restaurants were grouped somewhat randomly but there was everything from BBQ to pizza to ice cream and more. There’s also a search bar where you can search by restaurant or cuisine. When I searched for pizza it gave me 57 results which included pizza places and Italian restaurants.

Delivering to

City of Miami, eastern part of Little Havana near the Miami River and Brickell


I ordered from Pizza Tropical the pizza shop part of Gramps in Wynwood. I ordered the El Peppe 20” pizza and it asked if I wanted any other special toppings and had a field for special instructions.

I chose not to get any other special fixings and tapped Add to Cart. A pop-up menu showed up after I added my order to the cart that made it easier to go to the various menu headers.

I pressed check out and it showed me my cart which included tax and a booking fee of $4.99.

The initial delivery estimate was 22-33 minutes.

Tracking your order

I placed my order at 6:34 p.m. and a menu showed up giving me an estimated delivery time and a progress list that included: “food is being prepared,” “courier is on the way” and “food is arriving. Time to eat!” A GPS map also showed up on the cart menu and showed the distance between Gramps and my apartment.

An update appeared at about 7 p.m. showing that my food was ready and would arrive by 7:12, about 5 minutes after my initial expected delivery. The estimate eventually changed to 7:15 p.m. then 7:16 p.m. and finally 7:19 p.m.

A map showed up with my driver’s name, rating, contact info and a map.

Delivery time

My food arrived at 7:17 p.m. about 10 minutes after the initial delivery estimate.

How it arrived

Arrived in one pizza box with extra cheese and red pepper flakes in small containers. After ordering and opening up the app again the pizza showed up as one my go-to orders.

Delivery fee

I was charged a $4.99 booking fee. That fee, along with taxes, took my order from $24 to $30.67.

Overall experience

It was pretty smooth from start to finish. The integration with my existing Uber account also made things quick and easy. The delivery estimate changed several times once my driver hit the road but I ordered on a rainy night which might have affected the roads and caused traffic issues. The food wasn’t piping hot but was still pretty warm.