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Edison Farrow’s Cabaret South Beach now Saturday nights at Yuca on Lincoln Road

The full cast of The Cabaret South Beach gets together at the end of opening night show at Yuca on Nov. 5.
The full cast of The Cabaret South Beach gets together at the end of opening night show at Yuca on Nov. 5.

The Cabaret South Beach, newly relocated to Yuca restaurant on Lincoln Road, is a fusion of three evening pleasures: gourmet dining, live musical performance and dancing.

“The atmosphere is wonderful,” said Bryan Harris of Miami Beach, who attended Cabaret South Beach’s first night at Yuca, on Nov. 5, with wife Rachel Cohen.

Edison Farrow originally opened The Cabaret South Beach in November 2013 in an empty space below the World Erotic Art Museum, at 233 12th St. off Washington Avenue.

“Three years ago, we were a small place just trying to get by,” Farrow said. Eventually, he doubled the size of the nightclub to about 120 seats.

In April 2015, landlord and WEAM owner Naomi Wilzig died suddenly at age 80.

Wilzig’s children evicted Farrow from the space downstairs at the museum in July 2015, saying he owed them two months in back rent. Farrow said he paid the family one month’s rent and that the Wilzigs would not accept more rent payments.

In October 2015, Farrow moved The Cabaret South Beach concept, local performers including singing bartenders and servers, to the National Hotel on Collins Avenue, where it remained for a year.

Now, The Cabaret has moved Saturday nights to Yuca, 501 Lincoln Rd.

A cast of five performers — Lexa Paige, Saskya Sky, Mailyn Soulfree, Fernando Castro and Envee — perform 7:30 and 10 p.m. Saturdays. Tickets are $25 for each show, plus $39 for a three-course Yuca dinner.

The performers are accompanied by a three-piece band: saxophonist Humberto Casanova, drummer Alberto Bade and keyboardist Freddie Cleo.

Casanova said he and Bade grew up together. “Damn, we have played together for so long. Since we were 11 years old,” he said.

Two days before the Nov. 8 presidential election, Cabaret South Beach entertainers performed at the Fillmore as an opening act for Cher, in Miami Beach to campaign for Hillary Clinton.

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