Lesley Abravanel

Lesley Abravanel: Flo Rida celebrates 35 at Cameo

Official new dad Flo Rida celebrated his 35th birthday at Cameo’s Lapdance Tuesday party, popping multiple bottles of champagne with a large group of friends. Taking a VIP table on the dance floor that was swarmed with, says our spy, legions of female fans, the rapper had a prime view of Cameo’s risqué pole dancers and appeared to love the view, keeping the party going until the lights came up at 5 a.m. Also on hand was Houston Rockets player James Harden.

New Miami Heat player Danny Granger is a huge fan of Khong River House. Just this past week, Granger had dinner there two nights in a row, returning on the third for takeout. On Wednesday, Granger had sushi with his wife, this time at Zuma. Guy loves Asian fare.

DJ Robbie Rivera was in town during a short break from his tour and, along with his wife Monica, was seen sipping champagne cocktails and listening to the live music Friday night at LILT at the EPIC. Recently retired Yankees catcher Jorge Posada and his wife joined the same group later that night during which time he was overheard commenting on how great it was to hear live jazz in Miami.