Jose Lambiet

Could Roberto Duran movie help sell his Miami home?

Friday’s release of the Roberto Duran biopic “Hands of Stone,” starring Robert DeNiro, Usher and Edgar Ramirez, could send longtime Miamians back to the 1990s, at a time when Duran called the city home.

One of several properties Duran owned here was at 8510 Grand Canal Dr., in the Flagler Waterway Estates just south of Miami International Airport.

His career was in decline, but Duran bought the crib in 1990 for $315,000, according to records. He signed on the dotted line just months after his third fight against Sugar Ray Leonard, a loss in the rematch of the famous “No Mas” fight.

It’s the home he used while training for some of his last fights.

It’s where he lived with his wife of 45 years, Felicidad.

It’s also the five-bedroom Duran lost to foreclosure in 1994, when the Panamenian puncher was so broke he couldn’t make payments on his $74,000 mortgage, records show.

“Some buyers are quite impressed with the fact this was Roberto’s house, and some aren’t,” said Realtor Cessie Sariol, who has the listing.

“Some people don’t remember him. As a matter of fact, it’s been on the market for six months and it’s not sold. The sellers are thinking about pulling it off the market, but with the movie coming out maybe they shouldn’t just yet.”

According to records, Duran was hounded by lenders as well as the Internal Revenue Service in the early 1990s. Several IRS filings show the boxer owed nearly $1 million in back taxes.

The current owners bought the suburban house from the bank for $245,000. Now, it’s on the market for $800,000.