Jose Lambiet

Paparazzo’s attorney: Bieber’s stalling on Miami court appearance


Pop star Justin Bieber is being accused in a Miami civil court case of using the excuse of his current world tour to avoid being grilled by the lawyer of a local paparazzo who claims he was roughed up by the singer’s bodyguards almost three years ago in Miami Beach.

The Biebs’ Miami lawyers and shutterbug Manuel Munoz’s attorney have traded dozens of emails trying to set up a daylong deposition since late last year, according to court records.

And, according to the latest motion to force Bieber into the depo, Munoz’s lawyer has asked “countless times” to interview the singer of “Sorry” – but so far, the only time he’s heard Bieber is on the radio.

The singer’s attorneys are now offering to make him available via videoconferencing from Munich or Paris in September.

Munoz’s attorney ays he wants to quiz Bieber live and in person.

Actually, Bieber was due to show up for a deposition about how he handles his security apparatus on July 1, right before his two Miami concerts. But two days before the court-mandated proceedings, his staff told Mark DiCowden, Munoz’s attorney, he wouldn’t make it.

Miami-Dade County Circuit Court Judge Jerald Bagley is set to hear the motion to drag Bieber in — or else — Aug. 17 in his downtown Miami courthouse.

“You are certainly doing nothing more than avoid the deposition and stall until after the first of the year if not longer,” DiCowden wrote in one of his emails to John Atkinson, one of Bieber’s attorneys. “This is unacceptable.”

Atkinson didn’t respond to a request for comment.