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This ‘Real Housewives’ Miami court fight really stinks

Joanna Krupa
Joanna Krupa El Nuevo herald

A Miami lawsuit that pits two stars of Bravo’s “Real Housewives” franchise is turning into a real stinker.

Now well into its second year, the lawsuit before Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge Jerald Bagley is threatening to turn into an embarrassing circus next week.

That’s when a key hearing is set to determine whether plaintiff Joanna Krupa, the former supermodel star of “Real Housewives of Miami,” should be forced to give up 16 years worth of medical records to defendant Brandi Glanville, the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” standout.

Why is Krupa’s otherwise-private medical history important?

Well, to be clinical about it, Krupa is suing Glanville for slander over Glanville’s claims that Krupa has a highly personal body odor problem.

Glanville’s attorneys in Jacksonville hope the request for “any and all medical records from 2000 to the present” could help them determine that, indeed, Krupa has been treated for a condition that could produce vaginal odor.

If that were the case, Krupa’s slander claims against Glanville, ex-wife of “Third Watch” TV series star Eddie Cibrian, could be wiped away, according to court documents used to prepare the July 25 hearing in the main county courthouse in downtown Miami.

“[The motion] isn’t designed to embarrass Ms. Krupa,” said Glanville attorney Susan Warner. “I’ll just let it speak for itself.”

Besides, if you believe Warner’s motion, Krupa had it coming.

“Ms. Krupa has placed her own body parts and their physical condition squarely at issue in this case” by claiming Glanville made a false statement about her vagina, the motion reads.

Krupa’s Miami attorney, Ray Rafool, claimed in his response that the document request was “overly broad” and made with the purpose of harassing the model, who is married to Miami nightclub owner Romain Zago.

“Joanna’s medical condition has nothing to do with this case,” Rafool said. “It’s just Glanville trying to put pressure on Joanna to drop the case.”

So far, he has refused to give up the records, and now Bagley is left to pick a side.

Krupa filed her lawsuit in January 2015 after Glanville claimed on “RHOBH” that Krupa slept with the then-married Los Angeles playboy developer Mohamed Hadid and that the whole experience, well, stunk.