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Latinas for Trump group getting organized

Donald Trump likes to say that Latinos like him. But how about Latinas?

If the roughly 50 women at the first official meeting of Latinas For Trump is any indication, he is getting some support there, too.

Group founder Ileana Garcia, a Channel 41 personality whose mom was born in Cuba, says the coming-out party at American Social Restaurant & Bar in downtown Miami was designed to crush the stereotype that citizens of Latin American descent and women won’t support the billionaire Republican presidential candidate.

“I saw Trump at a debate in the spring,” Garcia said, “and it was a revelation. Here was a guy who owed no one anything and called out everybody.”

Garcia calls herself a victim of the same establishment that Trump says he wants to shatter.

Garcia, 44, nearly lost her Miami house in foreclosure and says the process skewed in favor of bankers sucked out her life savings.

“I was hogtied by the system,” Garcia says. “Trump wants to make us, regular people, important again.”

While subdued, the June 7 party did feature some pro-Trump statements, including a neon sign that read “Trump Por Presidente.”

Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric?

Hogwash, says Garcia.

“When he says things about rapists and drug dealers, he’s not talking to me. He is talking to rapists and drug dealers. Trump is like Archie Bunker, or your old uncle who sounds off during the Thanksgiving dinner. But deep down, he’s not a racist.”

‘Real Housewife’ selling condo

The Real Housewives of Miami’s Joanna Krupa doesn’t want anything to do with Miami anymore.

The former reality star just put the posh condo she owns with her nightclub entrepreneur husband Romain Zago on the market for $2.5 million.

If she’s able to get the asking price for the corner unit at the Four Seasons in downtown Miami, Krupa will make a pretty penny.

They bought the 42nd-floor crib for $1.4 million just three years ago.

It’s not the model’s first try to sell it since she moved back to Los Angeles.

Back in April 2014, she dipped her pretty toe in the market and had it listed for $1.97 million. Didn’t sell.

‘skinny joey’s restaurant closed

Crime might not pay as well as it used to.

Merlino’s, the Boca Raton Italian restaurant fronted by accused Philadelphia mob boss “Skinny JoeyJoseph Merlino, closed for good last week and is on the market for $399,000.

With a menu based on recipes from Skinny Joey’s mom, the restaurant was opened by investors in early 2015.

At 54, and with most of his adult life spent in federal pens on convictions for racketeering, Merlino couldn’t own the liquor license. So his official title was maître d’.

While the joint benefited from a positive buzz early on, the interest died down within months.

And it didn’t help that Merlino, the star attraction, went back to the slammer for four months in the wake of the grand opening because, authorities said, he violated his parole when he sat down with fellow Mafia don John “Johnny Chang” Ciancaglini at a Boca cigar bar.

“They spent at least $1 million in that place,” said listing agent Tom Prakas. “It’s a perfect place for anyone who wants to start a great restaurant. It’s probably in the best area of Boca.”