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Trump lawyers as to postpone foreclosure sale of Doral resort

Lawyers for Trump National Doral Miami last week asked Miami-Dade County Circuit Court Judge Jorge Cueto to put on hold the forced foreclosure sale of the resort scheduled for June 28, according to court records.

The company that owns presidential candidate Donald Trump’s golf retreat is accused of blowing off $34,863.92 in invoices from paint supplier The Paint Spot for nearly two years. The company has been trying to collect with a lien it slapped on the property that hosts golf’s famous Blue Monster course.

Citing the possibility that Trump’s company thought it had paid enough for paint used in the resort’s extensive renovation, never mind its $200,000-contract with the vendor, Cueto filed paperwork to hold an auction for the property on the proverbial courthouse steps.

So, why are the lawyers asking for a reprieve from the auction?

Mostly because they filed their intent to appeal the judge’s decision to start foreclosure proceedings.

“And we bonded the judgment, meaning that the money is in an account for the vendor,” said Alan Garten, attorney for the Republican front-runner for the White House. “Trust me, there’ll be no sale.”

Wouldn’t it be better if billionaire Trump, who bought the resort in 2012 for $150 million, just paid the Paint Spot and leave it at that?

“Well, I don’t want to comment on that,” Garten said.

On Wednesday, it was announced that the resort lost its PGA tournament, the Cadillac Championship, to Mexico City.


The off-season’s just not a good time for New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul.

Last July, he blew himself up with Fourth of July fireworks at a party in Deerfield Beach, nearly ending his career.

This year, he’s getting legal entanglements.

Farraw Germain, a longtime galpal from his days at the University of South Florida, just filed a paternity action in a Broward County family court that, if all goes well, should lead to a long-term deal for the care of the baby Germain says she had with the football star last fall.

The boy is identified in the paperwork as Josiah, and he is 10 months old.

JPP used to pay tribute to Germain on his Facebook page, calling her “the great woman by my side.” Those sweet nothings have stopped.

Neither of their lawyers returned calls for comment.

Mayweather’s knockout buy

Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather just plunked down $7.7 million — cash — for a newly built waterfront house on Pine Tree Drive in Miami Beach.

The new property has 80 feet of canal front plus a dock big enough for a 100-foot yacht.

There’s an infinity-edge pool with an LED lighting system and a rooftop outdoor kitchen with shade sails.

The just-finished 5,200-square-foot home with four bedrooms and five bathrooms has floor-to-ceiling windows and an open floor plan that should give the man who loves to flaunt his wealth plenty of space to spread.

He’s been Instagramming photos of the new crib with two Bugattis with a combined sticker price of $2 million sitting by the front door.

The boxer’s net worth is estimated to be between $400 million and $650 million.

Back in 2010 he bought an impeccably appointed luxury pad at the St. Tropez in Sunny Isles Beach for $1.5 million.