Jose Lambiet

Documents detailing Bieber settlements vanish from Miami courthouse

Someone in South Florida is walking around with documents spelling out secret settlements that singer Justin Bieber hammered out with four people who claim they were attacked by Bieber and his bodyguards.

The papers show the details of the confidential deals, including the amounts of money Bieber paid each of the four.

The documents were never meant to be seen by folks other than Bieber, the victims and lawyers.

But the hundreds of pages vanished last month after Judge Jerald Bagley read them so that he could prepare for a hearing in a lawsuit filed against Bieber by Miami paparazzo Manuel Munoz.

Munoz asserts he was assaulted by Bieber’s bodyguards outside a Miami Beach nightclub after he took photos of the Sorry singer with a low-level model.

A source at the main courthouse in downtown Miami, where Bagley works, says the documents disappeared sometime last week.

They may have been handed over to the wrong attorney, or someone posing as an attorney.

Aventura legal eagle Mark DiCowden, Munoz’s attorney, declined comment.

John Bond Atkinson, Bieber’s Miami attorney, did not respond to a request for comment.

“Bieber’s people in Los Angeles are in a panic,” the source said. “They’ve been guarding the settlement amounts like a state secret.”

The documents were delivered to Bagley Feb. 5, according to court dockets. The judge indicated he read the papers Feb. 10 to prepare for a Feb. 24 hearing.

But when Atkinson’s office called Bagley’s judicial assistant, Ileana Perez, to ask for the documents to be returned, she said she gave them “to an attorney” at the hearing.

Which attorney? She doesn’t know!

Atkinson begged the judge to search his chambers again, but so far, nothing has popped up.

No comment from Bagley and his judicial assistant.