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Julio Iglesias faces lawsuit alleging long-ago failure to pay royalties

Julio Iglesias
Julio Iglesias

As he gets ready to embark on a world tour at 72, longtime Indian Creek Village resident Julio Iglesias will have to deal with less glamorous matters at home.

Julio, pop star Enrique Iglesias’ daddy, is being sued in Miami-Dade County Circuit Court in connection with a song he first sang in 1978.

Iglesias, whose Miami appearance is scheduled for April 29 at AmericanAirlines Arena, is accused of failing to pay what could amount to a few million dollars in royalties to the co-author of one of his most famous songs, Me Olvide de Vivir.

The civil court case is scheduled for a hearing March 1.

What took so long?

It’s the second time that elderly Miami songwriter Mimi Korman has sued Iglesias in connection with her 33 percent royalties deal.

Korman says although she received credit for co-authoring the tune — she worked on it with Iglesias in his room at the Mutiny Hotel in Coconut Grove because he didn’t have a home here yet — she never got any cash.

Korman first sued in federal court in 1990, but the case was dismissed because of the statute of limitations.

Since then, according to the new filing, several things happened: Copyright laws were clarified, especially in time constraints; Korman’s name has fallen off the new version’s credits, which has rubbed her the wrong way; and Korman could use the money.

Her lawyer, Coral Gables’ Dirk Lorenzen, declined to provide details when asked how much Korman believes she is owed.

“The discovery is in progess,” he said.

In his response, Steven Eisenberg, Iglesias’ lawyer, said the case should be dismissed because it’s already been tried.