Jose Lambiet

‘Meet the Press’ host wrong about Michael Putney retiring


New Meet The Press anchor Chuck Todd started, inadvertently, a rumor about WPLG-Channel 10 star political reporter Michael Putney the other day.

After broadcasting on MTP part of an interview that Putney scored with possible presidential candidate Jeb Bush, Miami-born Todd commented on the air about how he grew up watching Putney and how great a reporter Putney is.

Todd ended by congratulating Putney on his retirement.

The news spread through South Florida’s newsrooms like wildfire.

The thing is, Putney ain’t retiring — even if he turned 74 on Dec. 16, public records show.

As a matter of fact, Putney signed a contract for another year at the ABC affiliate.

We reached out to MTP to ask what’s up but haven’t heard back.

Putney, by the way, is out of pocket. He just took off for a vacation in Patagonia.

While WPLG officials aren’t talking, the smart money is on the fact that Putney will sign another one-year contract next year so he can cover the 2016 presidential election.

And when he does retire, after he turns 76, he’d better call Todd to let him know.

Andrews leaving

When it come to CBS4 anchor/investigative reporter Brian Andrews, though, it’s not rumor.

It’s a fact that Andrews is leaving the station at the end of his contract Jan.31.

Andrews has been there for nearly three years, and it was his second stint at the Doral station.

Says Andrews: “There’s a lot more I’d like to do with my career than WFOR has to offer right now.”

bieber report

Pop star Justin Bieber missed another hearing in the lawsuit brought against him in Miami by a photographer who claims he was roughed up by Bieber’s bodyguard on the singer’s order last year near a local recording studio.

The Biebs was supposed to be at a 1p.m. mediation session before retired judge Ellen Leesfield Thursday in Coral Gables.

Five of Bieber’s 10 lawyers on the case and Mark DiCowden, the photographer’s attorney, waited but it quickly became obvious that Bieber wouldn’t show.

Now, the lawyers on both sides are arguing whether Bieber even had to be there.

Attorney Roy Black, Bieber’s guy, says the singer of Baby Baby didn’t have to show because an insurance adjuster with the power to settle the case was there.

DiCowden filed a motion for sanctions against Bieber for acting in “bad faith.”

porn scene

Miami porn star Mia Khalifa is making worldwide news.

Khalifa, 21, was born in Lebanon and moved here when she was 10. In time, she became a contract girl for Miami Beach’s Bang Bros online porn company.

Lately, Khalifa’s been filming scenes that start when someone takes off her traditional Muslim clothes — and she has been getting death threats on social media since.

She defends the scenes as “satirical” and told the Washington Post: “There are Hollywood movies that depict Muslims in a much worse manner than any scene Bang Bros could produce.”