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Pharrell puts Brickell condo back on the market

Pharrell Williams
Pharrell Williams

Pop star Pharrell Williams is giving the sale of his downtown Miami penthouse another try — and he’s willing to take a $1.6 million hit to get rid of it.

The 42-year-old singer of Happy, Freedom and Blurred Lines relisted the 40th-floor penthouse at Bristol Tower after more than a year off the market.

According to MLS listings, Williams now wants $10.9 million for the three-floor, 10,000-square-foot crib.

In some places, the condo has 30-foot ceilings capped with a translucent dome.

Records show there are five bedrooms and six bathrooms with teak hardwood floors.

One drawback: Property taxes currently are about $60,000 a year.

Williams bought the place at the height of the real estate boom for $12.9 million. He has been trying to unload the digs for more than two years.

The singer first listed it in November 2012 for a whopping $16.8 million, but the sale price melted steadily until Williams pulled it off the market a year ago.


A local photographer is begging witnesses to call the police as pop star Justin Bieber’s bodyguards grab him, then he pleads with the beefy guards to leave him alone because he “respects” everything Bieber does, according to the transcript of an incident last year in Miami Beach.

The transcript was just added to a lawsuit brought in a Miami court by shutterbug Manuel Munoz against the singer of What Do You Mean.

Bieber is scheduled to be deposed in the case early next year, but the transcript shows sheer terror on Munoz’s part when he was confronted by two of Bieber’s bodyguards at about 4 a.m. Jan. 23, 2014, in Miami Beach.

Security guard Dwayne Patterson, according to the papers, ran after Munoz when the photographer got shots of Bieber exiting a nightclub with then-squeeze Chantel Jeffries.

Munoz says Bieber got into a rented Lamborghini outside the club, pointed at him through the open driver’s side window and told Patterson: “Get him!”

Bieber is expected to testify he didn’t want the photos published because he was still hoping to patch things up with his ex, pop singer and Disney actress Selena Gomez.

Patterson and another bodyguard cornered Munoz in a back hallway of a nearby Subway sandwich shop, where an employee recorded the sound of the incident while calling 911.

Among the exchanges was Munoz to Patterson: “It’s not exclusive. They [other photographers at the scene] got the pictures, too. Why are you dealing with me? . . . Bro, I didn’t, everything that he [Bieber] does, I respect it. I’m being nice to him. I got pictures with him before, he’s been nice.”

Patterson, meanwhile, can be heard saying “Let me get the SIM card” while the sandwich maker is calling 911, telling the operator: “I think there’s two black dudes, and I guess some white dude. The white dude is skinny and ... I think it’s over some pictures or something.”

A second bodyguard tells witnesses in the shop: “Don’t worry about it, we’re going to leave. Don’t worry about it!”


In the mountain of expenses that actress Sofia Vergara and husband-to-be Joe Manganiello will incur for their weekend nuptials in Palm Beach is the wedding night suite at The Breakers.

According to an insider, the Modern Family beauty and her True Blood beast will be doing whatever newlyweds do in the Imperial Suite hours after Sunday’s 6 p.m. wedding.

That’ll set them back $6,650 for the night.