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Inside details of Sofia Vergara’s wedding to Joe Manganiello in Palm Beach

Joe Manganiello, left, and Sofia Vergara
Joe Manganiello, left, and Sofia Vergara

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara and Magic Mike beefcake Joe Manganiello are set to arrive at The Breakers in Palm Beach Thursday afternoon for their weekend wedding.

According to two impeccable sources at the resort, Vergara is set to exchange vows with the muscle-bound actor of True Blood about 6 p.m. Sunday under the gold-covered, hand-painted ceiling of the Mediterranean Ballroom. A banquet for about 400 revelers is to follow.

Then comes a series of intimate performances by Latin acts Marc Anthony, Thalia and Gloria Estefan.

The after-hours party in four adjacent ballrooms (Ponce de Leon ballrooms 1 through 4) is scheduled to go on until 5 a.m. Monday.

The guests include Vergara’s family from Miami and Colombia as well as Manganiello’s folks but also Jennifer Lopez and Modern Family co-stars Ed O’Neill, Ariel Winter and Julie Bowen. Most of Vergara’s famous guests are from Miami’s Latin entertainment world, including singers Jon Secada and Romeo Santos.

Incidentally JLo and Anthony, who were divorced in 2011, signed off on their presence under the same roof for the entire weekend so that their kids could get to see them together.

“They’re still good enough friends,” one of our insider says. “Their rooms are fairly close.”

As for the security, officials at the historic beachfront resort have been bragging about it for weeks after they guaranteed Vergara that she wouldn’t be bothered by paparazzi.

Gossip Extra has learned that a security force 80-plus strong — 23 security guards from The Breakers, 40 from Boynton Beach’s Invictus Security and 20 off-duty Palm Beach Police officers getting paid $85-an-hour each — is going to start working around the clock Thursday.

“The Breakers want to become the national destination for celebrity weddings,” the source said. “They’re hoping they’ll do well with Sofia.”

To prevent paparazzi and reporters from infiltrating the wedding, guests will receive a high-tech barcode stamp on their wrists. When scanned at the entrance of event, the scan will show instantly the person’s identity and photo.

For added security, organizers have divided the guests into several groups. Each group, including Vergara’s 18 close relatives at the wedding, has a different name that only those in the group know. Vergara’s group is named KILLN15, after the name of one of the wedding planners.

A small reception on the beach on the north side of the hotel is scheduled for sunset on Thursday. Vergara and Manganiello are both scheduled to attend to welcome a first group of guests.

The main welcome party will take place Friday evening and the walk-through is set for Saturday. Starting Sunday afternoon, Vergara and the female guests will be in the Venetian Ballroom for hair and makeup. The actress will emerge from the ballroom shortly before 6 p.m. and walk into the ceremony, where Manganiello will be waiting for her.

As far as activities, the guests will be invited to play a few rounds of golf on the resort’s course with the lovebirds and 25 beach-side bungalows have been reserved for wedding guests Saturday and Sunday.

Vergara? She’ll be getting ready in the hotel’s Imperial Suite, room No. 5148. For some reason, Manganiello is renting next door, room No. 5149.

Photos of the wedding are scheduled to be released Monday to the world’s press.