Jose Lambiet

Art Basel buyers get a shot at pics of John Wayne

The long shadow of The Duke will be hovering over Art Basel.

Ethan Wayne, son of classic Western movie star John Wayne, is planning to take advantage of the high concentration of moneyed folks at next week’s art orgy.

Wayne, 52, is flying in from California with a never-seen-before collection of photos of his dad and other dead Hollywood icons. The collection will be displayed Friday and Saturday in the grand ballroom of the W South Beach.

The 40-plus black-and-white and color pictures were taken by famed shutterbug John R. Hamilton, whose friendship with celebs of the 1960s and ’70s gave him unfettered access to movie sets.

Now the manager of John Wayne Enterprises, Ethan says the company was looking for archives about his dad when he stumbled onto the Hamilton negatives. Most had been locked away for four decades.

“I remember Mr. Hamilton from the movie sets,” Wayne said. “He was a nice enough man. When we heard about the collection, we bought the whole thing, hundreds of negatives and slides of my dad on a set in Monument Valley, but also Paul Newman, Robert Mitchum, Liz Taylor, Steve McQueen, etc.”

Why Art Basel, home of more abstract heroes?

“It’s a fun event,” Wayne says. And it lures plenty of folks with the $10,000 needed to buy some of these shots.

stapp update

In the wake of the Gossip Extra exclusive last week about Creed frontman Scott Stapp’s apparent descent into his own hell of mental issues and drugs, the Boca Raton-based singer of My Sacrifice released a 15-minute video on social media in which he rambles about being under a “vicious attack” by the IRS, a bank, and a record company.

Despite looking gaunt and much older than his 41 years in the black-and-white footage, Stapp claims he’s clean and sober.

Stapp, who co-founded the band while at FSU and sold 40 million albums, also says he’s broke and living in a Holiday Inn after sleeping in his truck for several weeks.

At times, he says, he hasn’t been able to buy food.

Stapp mentions St. Paul and God and his three children but doesn’t name his wife, Jaclyn Stapp. She filed for divorce last month.

In the video, Stapp blames his problems on his recent request for audits of his record company and personal finances. He says he discovered millions in unpaid royalties and that “people” are stealing from him.

“That’s when all hell broke loose,” he says on the video, “and [those who stole from me] vowed to humiliate me.”

auction block

South Florida movie icon Burt Reynolds is letting go of some memories in an auction scheduled for Dec 11-12 at The Palms Casino in Las Vegas.

The financially strapped Reynolds, whose house in Hobe Sound has been in foreclosure for three years, is getting rid of 600-plus items collected over 78 years.

The catalog includes holsters, blankets, chaps, a horse carriage offered by singer Dolly Parton, and Reynolds’ 1991 Emmy for the CBS series Evening Shade and 1998 Golden Globe for Boogie Nights.

Among the more expensive things: a custom-built motorized stagecoach used when the actor married actress Loni Anderson in 1988. Bids are set to start at $5,000.