Jose Lambiet

Company can’t seize Lil Wayne’s assets

A Miami-Dade County Circuit Court judge turned down a request by a private jet company to have court officers force open the door of rapper Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach mansion and seize assets.

Miami-based Signature Group, which owns the diminutive singer’s leased Gulfstream II, sued the singer after he stopped paying the $55,000-a-month lease, according to the lawsuit.

Signature won $2,003,200 from the Lollipop singer, including interests and attorney’s fees.

That was Sept. 2, and Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Carter, has not yet attempted to pay.

According to paperwork in the court file, the singer is trying to transfer assets of his Young Money Entertainment company to somebody else.

So on Sept. 28, Signature tried to obtain a “break order” that would allow court officials to “break down the gate and doors to the residence at 94 LaGorce Circle if they encounter security or house personnel that lock down the property,” according to records.

The order would give the Signature lawyer full access to the main house, the garage and the grounds to inventory items to be seized.

Circuit Court Judge Robert Luck denied the motion.

“There has been no evidence,” his denial reads, “that there are seizable assets in the debtor’s home.”

Dirty laundry

The divorce of State Sen. Joseph Abruzzo and former Internet pinup wife Brandy Abruzzo is getting ugly.

Brandy Abruzzo, 34, who is fighting for custody of the couple’s infant son, posted racy photos of the Democratic up-and-comer on her Facebook page.

The photos were taken down fairly quickly, but the damage was done. They’ve been circulating in the halls of power.

The two cellphone selfies taken by the Boca Raton/Delray Beach senator in his mirror show him taking off his shirt, revealing his buff upper bod.

Brandy wrote: “You can have him ladies. He abuses women and has a porn addiction.”

In the second photo posted by Brandy, the politician appears to be fully nude, but what’s below his lower abdomen is hidden.

“It’s unfortunate that my wife has chosen to take a private divorce matter into the public domain,” workout fiend Abruzzo said. “Her latest effort to release private images that were only shared between us reflects her intentions.”

Spa Spat

Miami Beach nightlife entrepreneur Chris Paciello has been sued by his partner in the now-shuttered Club Essentia, a boutique spa Paciello owned with Janet Navarro.

Navarro is suing because, she says, Paciello has yet to pay the $23,462 awarded to her by an arbitrator.

The business partnership dispute centers around Paciello’s alleged failure to pay his share of Essentia’s payroll taxes.

Paciello, whose real name is Christian Ludwigsen, revived Miami Beach’s nightlife in the late 1990s before he was sentenced to serve seven years in a federal penitentiary for his role in the killing of a Staten Island housewife in 1993.