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Venus Williams takes a swing at home decor

Tennis star Venus Williams and her expertise in interior decoration are being offered as incentive in the pre-sale of luxury single-family homes ready to go up on the suddenly hot Miami River.

The 11-home development, River Grove, is set for 4,000-square-foot cribs in the $1.4 million to $2 million range. Construction could start early next year.

Enter Williams, who was recently beaten by sister Serena in the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open.

So happens Venus owns an interior decoration business, VStarr Interiors.

And now, anyone who buys at River Grove will get 10 hours of work by VStarr as a gift.

“It’s worth about $2,500,” said Ben Moss, the new enclave’s exclusive Realtor. “She’s great with the contemporary style of the houses.”

Trump sued in P.R.

Civil rights lawyer Rafael A. Oliveras filed a federal lawsuit Thursday against presidential candidate Donald Trump and the Republican Party, accusing both of civil rights violations and asking a federal judge to force the GOP to remove Trump from the party.

The action was filed in Puerto Rico, where Oliveras has lived and worked for most of his 69 years.

He says he is worried that Trump, who leads in the polls, will bring shame onto the presidency and the country with what Oliveras called “anti-Hispanic speech” and verbal shots at war heroes like Sen. John McCain.

“Of course, Americans have the right to free speech,” Oliveras said Friday, “but not hateful speech. What you hear from that man is shameful.”

So, why is Oliveras the first to sue Trump and the GOP for things like Trump’s characterization of Mexicans as “murderers” and “rapists?”

“People are afraid of Mr. Trump, but not me,” Oliveras says.

In his filing, which has yet to be served to Trump and the GOP, Oliveras is not asking for damages.

Instead, he invokes the founding of the party by Abraham Lincoln and says he wants the owner of the Trump National Doral Miami golf resort removed.

Among other measures, Oliveras wants the court to issue an injunction to prevent Trump from remaining a member of the GOP; prevent Trump from “using discriminatory and disgraceful actions within any debate sponsored by the Republican Party that offend minority groups;” prevent Trump from using GOP facilities; abstain from using GOP logos and symbols; prohibit Trump from appearing at next year’s Republican Convention; and banish him from the party for life.

When asked if he is planning to prevail, Oliveras laughed heartily and said he understands the odds are against him.

“However,” he says, “you never know what can happen in our justice system.”

Efforts to reach Trump and his campaign were unanswered.

Rapper Ross sued

Rapper Rick Ross’ pistol-whipping and kidnapping charges in Atlanta aren’t his only legal problems these days.

Ross and his momma, Tommie Roberts, are being sued by a man who visited Tommie Roberts’ modest home on Northwest 196th Lane in Miami Gardens and tripped on the rail of the property’s iron gate.

Alleged victim Norbert Martins says he suffered tremendous pain and suffering when he fell.

The singer and her mom say they weren’t on the property when the fall occurred because it was rented to a tenant, and have nothing to do with Martins’ pain.

Still, Martins wants more than $15,000 in damages.