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Nearly a year later, Lil Wayne still hasn't paid moving company, records show

Rap artist Lil' Wayne's former home at  94 LaGorce Circle, Miami Beach.
Rap artist Lil' Wayne's former home at 94 LaGorce Circle, Miami Beach. Miami Herald File

Rapper Lil Wayne’s long-time Miami Beach home will have been a burden way past the bitter end.

When he still lived in the LaGorce Circle crib, there were tense times when the Miami Beach Police SWAT team repeatedly rushed to the house after a prankster called in false reports of a man with a gun.

There were lawsuits, judgments and liens galore on the eight-bedroom place.

And the singer had to sell it a year ago at a $1.4 million loss, with most of the money going to back taxes.

Lil Wayne Miami Herald File

Now, even if Lil Wayne’s gone from the place, the trouble hasn't stopped.

The diminutive singer of "Lollipop" just got popped with a lawsuit alleging he failed to pay the movers when he cleared out nearly a year ago.

According to Miami-Dade County court records, movers Dixie Transport claim Lil Wayne, a.k.a. Dwayne Carter, has yet to pay for the $5,000 job performed in July 2017.

The work included storing the rapper’s stuff, and then delivering it at a Miami Beach rental home.

The court file shows Dixie Transport emailed Lil Wayne’s money manager in Los Angeles, who promised payment several times.

As of today, the movers are still waiting for their dough.

Annoyed Dixie Transport owner Steve Blatt declined comment.

But if you believe Wayne’s people, the check’s going to be in the mail. Soon.

Said Ron Sweeney, the singer’s attorney: “Mr. Carter recently changed management. Perhaps this is something his prior management was handling. Assuming their claims are correct, I will make sure they are paid this week.”