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Phil Collins' ex-wife (and current girlfriend) sued for wages by former assistant

Phil and Orianne Collins
Phil and Orianne Collins Miami Herald File

Miami Beach rocker Phil Collins’ ex-wife — and current girlfriend — is notoriously tough on the help.

And now, it could cost her a few thousand.

According to a small claims lawsuit filed last month in a Miami-Dade County court, Orianne Collins fired a single-mom former assistant without paying her last month’s wages — and now that woman wants $2,952.

Even though the firing came more than two years ago.

“Ms. Collins terminated our professional relationship without any advanced notice or clear reason (on Jan. 18, 2016),” former assistant Ausra Ragauskaite wrote in her complaint. “She did not pay me for the time worked.”

Ragauskaite also claims she was called in to testify in Orianne Collins’ divorce months after she was fired, but was never paid for that time, either.

“It’s not about the money,” single mother-of-one Ragauskaite said by telephone. “It’s about doing the right thing. I will not be bullied by anyone, no matter how much money the bully has.”

She declined to comment further, citing a confidentiality agreement.

Orianne Collins, who now lives with ex-husband Phil at singer Jennifer Lopez’s old house at 5800 North Bay Rd., couldn’t be reached for comment.

Phil Collins, the Genesis frontman and singer of such classics as "In The Air Tonight," bought the house for $33 million in June 2015.

Then things around him got weird.

There was some work to be done on the crib, so Collins hired Orianne’s then-husband as contractor.

Soon, however, Collins was back with Orianne, who cost him $46 million in their 2008 divorce, and she was entangled in a new salacious divorce battle in a local court.

Orianne and Phil Collins are active on the local charity scene with their Little Dream Foundation, a nonprofit that supports budding musical talent.