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Bieber keeps cool at follow-up deposition

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber Getty Images

Troubled pop star Justin Bieber was just deposed for a second time in the lawsuit brought against him by a Miami Beach photographer — and he behaved like a true gentleman.

Even when he was asked if he has brain damage.

What’s more, Bieber was under oath when he said he’s still dating singer Selena Gomez, according to a source familiar with the deposition who asked to remain anonymous. It took place Thursday in the office of Bieber’s lawyer in Santa Monica, California, and lasted just 30 minutes.

The Boyfriend singer wore an oversize T-shirt down to his knees and leggings. He behaved much better than he did during the first deposition in March at attorney Roy Black’s downtown Miami office. A video of that grilling showed him snap at secretaries and refuse to answer questions about Gomez.

Thursday, the photographer's attorney, Mark DiCowden, tried to establish a pattern of abuse of photographers by Bieber and his bodyguards, and to show that Gomez played peacemaker in several incidents.

Bieber said he didn’t remember the incidents he was asked about.

“Do you have brain damage?” DiCowden asked.

“I don’t,” Bieber deadpanned.

“Have you been diagnosed with a neurological condition that would prevent you from remembering?” DiCowden asked.

“No,” Bieber said.

Bieber did, however, explain how his brain works. Bieber said he controls “what goes into his brain” and what comes out. He explained he works on remembering lyrics, dance moves and music. Anything else, he said, is quickly erased from his memory.


A new batch of photos of Ray Donovan star and University of Miami grad Steven Bauer and his girlfriend on a coffee date in Los Angeles caused quite a stir last week.

Bauer is 57. Lyda Loudon is 18.

Standing next to Bauer, who was married to 57-year-old Melanie Griffith in the 1980s when he did Scarface with Al Pacino, Bauer could pass for her grandfather.

But while social media users have let Bauer have it, his 83-year-old stepfather in Miami says he and Bauer’s mom, Lillian Samson, are gently helping the lovebirds figure out “what’s best for them.”

“They were at our house three weeks ago, and they’re coming back Wednesday,” said John Bethea, who has been married to Bauer’s mom for 31 years. “Steve and the young lady and her parents are all getting to know each other after the usual reticence from her parents.

“There’s no anger here. Steven and the young lady like each other, so God bless them.”

Added Bethea, a sociologist: “It’s not that unusual for people of a different age to be dating.”


WSVN-Channel 7 honchos are looking in-house to find a replacement for Louis Aguirre on the station’s nightly gossip show, Deco Drive.

Aguirre was paired with Lynn Martinez on DD for years before recently moving on to CBS’ national tabloid show The Insider.

One serious candidate for Aguirre’s old gig: WSVN sports reporter Donovan Campbell. The 30-something Florida International grad is getting an on-camera tryout and has one week to convince his bosses that he’s the man.


Speaking of WSVN: Sports anchorman Mike DiPasquale just returned from the World Masters Olympic Weightlifting Championships in Denmark with a fourth-place finish.

DiPasquale, 55, repped the United States in the over-50 category.