Jose Lambiet

Michael Jordan, wealthy partners try their hand at fine dining

Hoops legend Michael Jordan, who’s just months away from opening his own golf club near Stuart, is in the process of opening a restaurant and private club in Jupiter.

1000 North — that’s the name of the joint — is set to open to the general public Monday evening after several quiet VIP openings over the past two weeks.

The six-time NBA champ with the Chicago Bulls isn’t the only boldfacer involved in this vanity project. South African golfer Ernie Els, a former World No. 1 expected at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am tournament over the weekend; former New York Giants running back Tucker Frederickson; vintner Bill Terlato and Wine Spectator and Cigar Aficionado publisher Marvin Shanken are among the 16 investors.

Els said in a statement he, Jordan and the others all have homes in the area and came together because they share a love of good food in a clubby atmosphere.

“We collaborated with a group of talented, like-minded people to create a club and dining experience,” Els said. “We love having homes here but wanted to give this area a place it truly deserved — the type of destination people would normally travel to Miami or New York to find.”

So, what’s it like?

First, the joint’s location is prime, with views of the historic Jupiter lighthouse, the Jupiter Inlet and the Atlantic in the background.

And then, there’s an ultra-luxury private club on the second floor of the building. Don’t ask to join, it’s by invitation only! And then, it’s $3,500 in initiation fees and another $3,500 a year after that, plus food and drinks. Believe it or not, there’s a lengthening waiting list.

The public will be able to choose from among an elegant dining room, a terrace and a more casual tavern. The décor is consistent throughout with arched wood beams on the ceilings and rich, dark wood accents on the walls and floors.

As for the food, look for Southern fare from South Carolina Executive Chef Lee Morris: Charleston she-crab soup, hay-roasted oysters and prime steaks aged for a minimum of 21 days are on the menu.

Jordan and his gang join a field of celebrities opening eateries in the small town north of West Palm Beach. For one, golfer Tiger Woods’ The Woods Jupiter is in its third year about one miles down the street.