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Madonna’s old nightclub buddy scores Beach penthouse

Chris Paciello
Chris Paciello

Mob-killer-turned-informant Chris Paciello’s return to the penthouse is complete, quite literally.

Paciello, 46, a nightclub owner who set the rhythm of South Beach’s celebrity party in the late 1990s before being arrested on a murder charge, just bought himself a nice penthouse at The Meridian in Miami Beach.

According to records Paciello, a.k.a. Christian Ludwigsen, just plunked down $800,000 for a two-bedroom, 1,450-square-foot crib atop the iconic cruise ship-shaped building.

According to real estate trade websites, the smallish condo has great views of Miami Beach Golf Club and the Miami skyline at a distance.

The paperwork also shows Paciello obtained a $640,000-mortgage from TD Bank to complete the purchase.

Ludwigsen couldn’t be reached for comment, but it’s clear he’s doing well for himself.

In 2016, Paciello sold the first house he bought since his return to the area after five years in a federal prison and several more years in witness protection.

At the time, the nightclub owner made $310,000 on a house in Alton Road he bought for $690,000 in 2014.

Paciello was hanging with the likes of Madonna and living large at the helm of Liquid and other successful clubs in Miami Beach in 1999 when he was arrested by federal authorities and charged with driving the getaway car in a robbery that resulted in the murder of a housewife in Staten Island.

He pleaded guilty to the murder, but his sentence was reduced in exchange for his help in mob-related investigations.

Since his return to the area in 2011, Paciello has opened several new hangouts, including Rockwell Miami on Washington Avenue and FDR Lounge at the Delano Hotel.