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Justin Bieber settles lawsuit


Justin Bieber finally blinked. The lawsuit filed against the singer of Boyfriend and Baby in 2013 in Miami was settled Thursday night. And the word is Bieber’s insurance company paid out loads of moolah for the lawsuit to go away, just three weeks before a trial was to start in downtown Miami.

Jeffery Binion, a Miami Beach paparazzo who said he was roughed up by Bieber’s bodyguards, was asking for millions. Bieber’s faithful bodyguard Hugo Hesny, a Davie resident, was also named in the lawsuit.

“Oh, Binion’s a happy man today,” said one source close to the case.

Binion’s lawyer, Mark DiCowden, didn’t comment about details because the settlement is confidential.

“All I can say is that the case has been settled,” DiCowden said.

Roy Black, who led Bieber’s stable of lawyers, declined to comment.

Earlier this month, Bieber and Binion underwent five hours of mediation to try to come to an agreement. Both sides were prepping for trial when settlement talk kicked into high gear.

Binion claimed Bieber sicced his bodyguards on him outside a recording studio in North Miami in June 2013. Binion was taking photos of Bieber skateboarding when Hesny, who’s been involved in other cases of violence against photographers, allegedly grabbed Binion, took his camera and pulled out the memory card.

Insurance lawsuit

Bobby Alpert, the ex-boyfriend of 23 years of high-profile Miami Beach restaurateur Barton G. Weiss and the father of their two children, has filed a lawsuit in a Miami court against Weiss’ current girlfriend, Fort Lauderdale socialite Jill Viner.

Viner, who’s divorced from former Florida Panthers owner Cliff Viner, is accused of five counts of breach of trust.

What happened?

According to the court papers Weiss, founder of the Miami Beach eatery Barton G., took out a life insurance policy that would pay its sole beneficiary, Alpert, a $4.4 million benefit through a trust established in 2009. With the money, Alpert was to raise the estranged lovers’ two children should something happen to Weiss.

The yearly premiums, according to the lawsuit, were $12,300.

In time, Weiss made GF Viner the trustee.

Thing is, according to the lawsuit, Viner in 2011 removed Alpert as beneficiary and transferred ownership of the life insurance to a different trust, allegedly without telling Alpert. Alpert wants a jury trial and the insurance back.

No comment from Viner’s lawyer.

Editor’s note: This case was dismissed in 2016 by mutual agreement by Alpert and Viner, each agreeing to pay their own respective court costs and attorney’s fees.

Bill wants a break

It’s not because he’s worth $80 billion or so that Bill Gates feels the need to pay code violation fines to the Village of Wellington.

William McCaughan, the Microsoft founder’s lawyer in Miami, fired off a letter to the village in which he asks for a “reduction” in the $130,000 in fines that Gates has been collecting since last year.

Gates owes $500 a day for an improperly installed horse manure bin on his ranch. The fines are scheduled to stop when inspectors check out the new bin and clear the lien.

Wrote McCaughan: “My client is now suffering fines and penalties ...”