Jose Lambiet

Frat boys behaved badly at football tailgate, lawsuit against FIU claims

A Broward County man is suing Florida International University for what he claims was a beat-down at the hands of fraternity brothers whose tailgating area he wandered into during a football game.

Oscar Paz III filed against the school and Miami-Dade County in late October for what he says happened outside FIU’s Ricardo Silva Stadium Oct. 26, 2013, during a game against Louisiana Tech.

Football fan Paz, who was not a student at the university, say he was tailgating with friends in Tamiami Park when, for a reason not mentioned in the lawsuit, he wandered into a tent where members of the FIU chapter of the Sigma Phi Epsilon were playing music.

“Paz was assaulted, battered and severely beaten by numerous individuals who were attending the event,” the lawsuit reads.

He is suing both FIU and the county for negligence.

He claims both defendant knew the frat boys had a history of violence at tailgating events and should’ve not allowed the fraternity to hold the event “unsupervised” and without a security apparatus.

Paz says he suffered physical pain and emotional distress in the wake of the beating.

Known as Sig Eps, members of the fraternity have been in trouble in several universities, including Florida State and, just last month, Auburn University in Alabama.

In Auburn, the chapter was accused of hazing as well as drug and alcohol abuse.

At FSU, pledges were once found in the crawl space of an off-campus building and the Sig Eps who put them there were arrested.

Neither Paz’s lawyer nor the school’s attorney returned calls for comment.

By the way, Louisiana Tech beat FIU that day, 23-7.