Jose Lambiet

Accuser: Warren Sapp dodging sex harassment complaint

A Broward County circuit court judge has granted the lawyer of a woman accusing University of Miami football legend Warren Sapp of getting physical with her third three-month extension in her attempt to serve the baller with the complaint.

And the order came as Sapp was accused of sexual harassment by an NFL Network employee who claims the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers took to peeing in front of her.

In Hollywood, where Hall of Famer Sapp lives in a beachside high-rise, process servers have been working overtime to find the 300-pound former tackle.

Court records show they’ve tried to get to him more than 50 times since a California woman filed the lawsuit more than a year ago.

The process servers usually get all the way to the front door of Sapp’s condo and hear movement inside, but Sapp, 44, or whoever is inside just won’t come to the door.

At other times, Sapp is traveling or just not making noise.

Who’s after the big guy this time?

Hollywood, California, actress Paula Trickey — yes, that’s her real name — is the plaintiff.

Trickey, who starred in staples like “Attack Of The 50-Foot Cheerleader” and “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2,” claims a drunk Sapp body-slammed her at a January 2015 ESPN Super Bowl party in Phoenix.

It so happens that was the same week Sapp was fired from NFL Network after being arrested during an argument with a prostitute at his hotel.

Ducking service, meanwhile, isn’t Sapp’s only problem these days.

A former NFL Network stylist named him as a harasser in a lawsuit she just filed against the cable TV channel.

Jami Cantor claims Sapp once entered a bathroom that Cantor was using to prepare clothes for on-air appearance and urinated in front of her.

Wouldn’t be so bad if Sapp, according to that lawsuit, wasn’t offering Cantor sex toys for Christmas, something he allegedly did several years in a row.