Jose Lambiet

South Beach nightlife kingpin rolled over my toes, woman says in lawsuit

Nightlife kingpin Chris Paciello has been accused over the years of stepping on some people’s toes.

But never until now has been accused of driving over someone’s toes.

Paciello, 46, who just opened the new Jezebel Bar + Kitchen on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, is scheduled to be deposed next month in a lawsuit filed against him after a car accident.

Paciello, whose real name is Christian Ludwigsen, is accused of running over the toes of a woman while backing into a parking spot in his Audi SUV.

The victim was trying to cross Rue Versailles near Normandy Drive in 2014 in Miami Beach.

The woman, Zonia Moreno, recently filed a lawsuit alleging negligence.

In his response, Paciello’s lawyer claims the woman is at fault.

“She stepped out from between two parked cars while Chris was parking,” said Richard Adams, Paciello’s lawyer.

Paciello, meanwhile, is used to making news.

Paciello was hanging with the likes of Madonna and running some of the most successful clubs in Miami Beach in 1999 when he was arrested by federal authorities and charged with driving the getaway car in a robbery that ended in the murder of a housewife in Staten Island.

He pleaded guilty to the murder, but his sentence was reduced in exchange for his help in mob-related investigations.

Paciello returned to Miami Beach in 2011 and opened several new nightclubs since.