Jose Lambiet

Bosh ousted mom from Texas home after drug allegations

There may be a good reason why former Miami Heat star Chris Bosh has maintained silence about the drug raid at a home he owns in Dallas, a property occupied by his mother, 58-year-old Freida Bosh.

According to records in Miami and Dallas, Chris appears to have little to no relationship with his mother, and even sued her to get her out of the house that was raided by police.

Freida, who once served probation time after being arrested on a felony forgery charge, is considered a “person of interest” in the traffic of cocaine and heroin that Texas authorities claim took place at the house.

In Miami this summer, the two-time world champ with the Heat abruptly revoked the power of attorney he signed to his mother in 2005, according to court records.

The paperwork empowered Bosh’s mother to make a vast array of far-reaching decisions on multi-millionaire Chris’ behalf, including buy a house, sign out an unlimited mortgage, buy a car, sign a will and “transact all and every kind of business of whatever nature.”

The reason for the revocation isn’t explained in the paperwork, but within three weeks, Bosh started eviction proceedings against his mom in Texas.

After a jury trial on Oct. 19, according to court records, Bosh won the right to evict Freida from the house raided last week at 902 St. George Place in DeSoto.

Within days, however, she filed an appeal that’s now pending as she continues to occupy the house.

Records provided to the jury shows Bosh bought the $330,000 house in 2004, at the beginning of his rookie year with the Toronto Raptors. His name is the only one on the deed.

DeSoto police installed surveillance on the house in early November after pulling over a car leaving the residence and allegedly finding baggies of marijuana and cocaine.

Friday’s raid led cops to put out a statement saying a “large amount” of drug paraphernalia was recovered at the home.

Bosh’s lawyer isn’t returning calls, and Freida’s attorney said he had no comment except that she is appealing the eviction.

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