Jose Lambiet

Jose Lambiet: Lil Wayne puts La Gorce house on the market for $18 million

Sick and tired that just about everybody in Miami Beach knows where his La Gorce Circle house is, rapper Lil Wayne listed the eight-bedroom mansion for sale last week.

Thing is: Even if a buyer were to pay the asking price of $18 million, the diminutive singer of Lollypop likely won’t see any of the cash. Actually, he might end up owing a few millions.

First, there’s a giant Internal Revenue Service lien on the house to account for Wayne’s alleged failure to pay his income taxes in full in 2012, according to tax records. He owes, the paperwork shows, just shy of $12 million.

And then, according to Miami-Dade County records, a company that Wayne created to buy the house owes $9.9 million for two mortgages.

Wayne might be $4 million short on covering his mortgages if the house sells for $18 million.

“The IRS is always paid first when there’s a sale,” said Ben Moss, a Miami Beach Realtor who works the luxury market. “Then comes the bank. Some banks might be willing to make a deal, but chances are they’ll go after him if he’s short by several million.”

By the way, the buzz in the local real estate world is that Lil Wayne decided to sell the mansion because of constant aggravations on the property. Last month, Miami Beach Police SWAT members descended on the neighborhood after a false report of shots fired at the residence.

Lil Wayne’s publicist didn’t respond to attempts to obtain comments about the sale.

Bieber report

If things don’t change over the next month or so, get ready for a week-long media circus scheduled to kick off May 11.

That’s the date picked for jury selection in a trial to decide the outcome of a lawsuit filed here against troubled pop star Justin Bieber.

A five-hour mediation Tuesday attended by Bieber in a downtown Miami law office led to no agreement, two sources familiar with the proceedings said.

As the singer of Baby immediately left on his private jet after the mediation ended, lawyers on both sides started preparing for trial.

Bieber and a bodyguard were sued in June 2013 for allegedly roughing up Miami Beach paparazzo Jeffery Binion.

Neither Roy Black, Bieber’s attorney, nor Mark DiCowden, Binion’s attorney, commented on the mediation.

no suit for shaq

Former Miami Heat championship center Shaquille O’Neal got some good news Thursday.

The TNT NBA analyst was dismissed from a potentially embarrassing lawsuit on a legal technicality, federal court papers show.

O’Neal, along with Utah Jazz star Trey Burke and rapper Waka Flocka Flame, was sued last year by a Michigan man who was mocked by Shaq and the others on Twitter because his face is grossly distorted by a rare genetic disease.

The judge dismissed O’Neal and Burke because the man filed in Michigan, where neither O’Neal nor Burke live or work. The rapper is still on the hook.

anchor away

WSVN-Channel 7 anchorman Mike Marza has found a new home, and he’s getting his real name back.

Marza is scheduled to start at KSHB in his native Kansas City on May 11, according to The Kansas City Star.

Marza will use his real name, Mike Marusarz.

He told the newspaper WSVN had him shorten his Polish name because South Florida audiences weren’t likely to know how to pronounce it.