Jose Lambiet

Flo Rida stiffed us of $52,000, law firm says in court filing

The club may not be able to handle singer Flo Rida right now, but a Pennsylvania law firm believes it can.

Flo, under his real name of Tramar Dillard, 37, just got sued in a Miami-Dade County circuit court over his alleged failure to pay $52,517.52 in legal bills.

According to the paperwork, the singer of “My House” and “Wild Ones” rang up the legal tab between August 2012 and May 2017.

Why would the white-shoe Philadelphia law firm of Billet & Hillsley work for Flo for five years without, as the lawsuit claims, ever getting a penny?

That’s not discussed in the suit, filed Aug. 7.

But what is alleged is that three lawyers charging between $250 an hour and $200 an hour are still waiting for their paycheck after allegedly working on a civil court action against Flo in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

That complaint was initiated by Lauren Wackley. Like thousands of women every year, Flo Rida invited her on stage to dance to his “Low” song during a 2010 show, and she says she fell off the stage and broke a bone. She asked for $300,000 in damages.

No comment from the law firm, or Flo Rida’s local lawyer.