Jose Lambiet

We have a Lamar Odom sighting, and it was for a good cause

Lamar Odom with a fan at the Berman Law Group’s fundraiser.
Lamar Odom with a fan at the Berman Law Group’s fundraiser. Berman Law Group

Troubled NBA retiree Lamar Odom popped up at a charity event Thursday night in Boca Raton and chatted up the ladies while sipping what appeared to be red wine.

Why do we care?

For one thing, the former Miami Heat center’s hard-partying ways almost killed him two years ago when he was found unconscious in a Las Vegas brothel.

And then, the Kardashian Klansman spent the past Christmas holidays doing a 30-day no-booze stint in rehab.

It’s doubtful that the road to recovery for Khloe Kardahian’s ex-husband includes wine, even among Boca’s well-heeled.

By all accounts however Odom, 37, was a consummate gentleman during the event, held at the Wishing Well Irish Pub. Odom patiently posed for pictures and signed autographs as part of a fundraiser for the Berman Law Group’s Berman Family Foundation.

And here’s the best part: Odom declined to accept his appearance fee and asked the Foundation to donate it on his behalf.

“He just wants to surround himself with positive people,” said Evan Golden, the Foundation’s PR man. “It really looks like he is turning his life around.”

Odom is checked into the Miami Beach Edition hotel on Collins all weekend.

Incidentally, “War Dogs” actor Miles Teller was supposed to be another guest of honor. But his people nixed the appearance after deciding it would not be a good idea for the star of “Whiplash” to show up in a bar a week after being arrested on public intoxication charges.

So he sent his model girlfriend Keleigh Sperry instead.