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Dentist snooped in jilted wife’s prescription records, lawsuit alleges

Stacy Wein
Stacy Wein

In a most unusual invasion-of-privacy lawsuit snaking its way through the Miami-Dade County court system, a local dentist is accused of looking up the private medical information of her alleged lover’s ex-wife and attempting to use the information to bolster the lover’s case in his divorce.

Dr. Lauren Kravitz, who until recently worked with husband Gene Kravitz at Kravitz Dental on Northwest 67th Avenue in West Miami-Dade and in Pembroke Pines, allegedly accessed the medical information of Broward County lawyer Stacy Wein in 2015, mostly her prescription history, through a patient database.

Wein, the lawsuit says, was not a patient of Kravitz, and no one at the clinic had any business checking her out.

A few days later during the trial for Wein’s divorce from Philip Howland, the owner of a Fort Lauderdale car restoration business, Howland’s camp allegedly tried to have the prescription history admitted as evidence in an argument over alimony.

When the judge asked how Howland obtained the information, he allegedly told the judge he got it from Lauren Kravitz.

The lawsuit explains how Lauren Kravitz’s alleged affair with Howland caused the divorce in the first place.

Wein now claims invasion of privacy and negligence from Kravitz and her husband’s clinic. Gene Kravitz, by the way, is expected for a deposition next month.

Lauren Kravitz apparently no longer works for her husband’s clinic, and she didn’t reply to a request for comment.

In her answer to Wein’s complaint, Kravitz’s lawyer wrote: “If the plaintiff sustained damages … then the plaintiff failed and neglected to use reasonable care to protect herself.”

Like Lauren Kravitz’s lawyer, Wein’s didn’t respond to several attempts to reach him.

A source close to the case who asked not to be named said the two couples, the Kravitzes and Wein with Howland, used to be besties and even spent time together at the Kravitzes’ chalet in Aspen, Colorado.

But since the alleged affair and divorce, the women have traded complaints for stalking.