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Police photos show damage to Tiger Woods’ tires after arrest

Dashcam video of Tiger Woods' DUI arrest

Dashcam video of Tiger Woods' DUI arrest in Jupiter, Florida on Monday, May 29, 2017.
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Dashcam video of Tiger Woods' DUI arrest in Jupiter, Florida on Monday, May 29, 2017.

As golfer Tiger Woods’ arraignment was pushed back Wednesday to July 5, Jupiter Police also released a batch of photos of the four-time Masters winner’s damaged Mercedes.

Woods was arrested early on Memorial Day and charged with DUI after police found his idling $222,000 car on a major Jupiter road with Woods asleep at the wheel.

Police photo shows damage to Tiger Woods’ tire.

The photos show extensive damage to the front and back bumpers, the result of the tires pushing upward when Woods hit a curb at 2 a.m.

They also show two exploded tires on the driver’s side and rim damage.

Meanwhile, more details about the incident emerged in a 12-page report released by police. The report makes Woods sound much more cooperative than first believed but extremely confused.

That report indicates Woods may have believed he was in Los Angeles when he was driving around the fancy Palm Beach County city.

Woods told one officer he was headed to “Orange County” while driving south on Military Trail. Cops say he meant Orange County, California.

To another officer, Woods said he was headed home to Jupiter Island, which is about eight miles north of where he was.

Listen to Jupiter Police radio dispatch exchange as officers discover Tiger Woods' car on the road.

His car, however, was facing in the wrong direction.

Woods was administered two breath tests that morning, but neither registered any alcohol use.

Woods admitted both in a public statement and to police to being under the influence of a cocktail of prescription medicines, including painkiller Vicodin and a sleeping aid.

One officer at the scene noted Woods couldn’t stay awake.

At one point, Woods fell asleep in his seat, head leaning back on the headrest, while officers were talking to him.

The report shows Woods, 41, woke up at one point, turned on the engine of the car, looked around then turned it off before falling asleep again.