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Art dealer Blumenthal: Baby mama is bad-mouthing me

Robert Blumenthal
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High-profile art dealer Robert Blumenthal sued his ex-girlfriend last month in a Miami-Dade circuit court over what he claims are her attempts to make him look bad to people he does business with.

And as she prepared her response just last week, ex-girlfriend Karina Magruder, 33, gave birth to the couple’s daughter.

News archives report that despite his young age, the Miami-born Blumenthal, 36, left the Miami hipster set behind in 2013 to open two art galleries in New York, one in Manhattan and the other on Long Island.

An artist and real estate investor, Blumenthal quickly made a name for himself in the Big Apple with shows that featured top up-and-comers in the modern art world.

Within months, however, evidence started popping up that Blumenthal was having difficulties paying some of his bills. He was sued by painter Dean Levin, one of actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s favorites, claiming he wasn’t paid by Blumenthal for $200,000 worth of art sold at the gallery.

And Blumenthal’s love life apparently was just as messy.

According to the lawsuit filed in Miami, Blumenthal asserts Magruder didn’t accept the breakup gracefully.

“Magruder has not reacted well to the end of this personal relationship and in turn has begun contacting business contacts of Blumenthal,” the lawsuit reads. “Magruder has been making salacious claims in an attempt to harm the business dealings of Blumenthal.”

What are the salacious claims?

A source close to the case tells us Magruder’s been telling business people throughout the South that Blumenthal wants nothing to do with the child.

Blumenthal’s attorney declined comment.

When reached by phone, the young mother said she has yet to receive child support.

“That’s going to be contentious as well,” she said.

She declined comment on the current lawsuit.